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hello friends, let's see if I can get through all the things I keep meaning to post about. Just realized I haven't posted since my birthday! I feel like a whole lot of things have happened at the same time that nothing much has happened haha. Ah life, you rascal.

this is largely a fannish post.

1. After watching all of Friday Night Lights, I rewatched it all the way through again because I wasn't quite ready to let it go. I read all the fiction that was decent (and although I started off giving it side-eye, my favorite pairing turned out to be Tim/Julie say what) and was sad that there wasn't much. Then I finished watching the final season of Bloodlines and it's just so WEIRD because Coach Taylor is now a murderer! Okay, not really, and I will follow Kyle Chandler wherever he chooses to take me. But, watching John Rayburn after watching Coach Taylor is a trip. (season 1 of Bloodlines is masterful and frankly the series should have stopped there, the other 2 seasons are messy. But even so I have huge fondness for the cast -- so I enjoyed the series despite this).

2. Because I am here for all things MCU, I did sit through Iron Fist even though everyone said not to haha. Yeah. Okay, so, it was really .... tedious is the word I think. And it's hardly worth discussing anymore. Danny reminded me of this guy I knew once who I had to travel around europe with and who I wanted to push off a train. Also, I spend a good amount of time trying to make jokes about the hand fighting the fist. HAHA. Easily amused, I am. I did like some parts! Okay, no, actually, the only part I liked was Claire. Everything else was gross. I started off with fondness for the other characters that would have normally carried me through any dislike for the show but one by one I stopped liking them except for Claire. I am going to watch the Defenders, though, and just hope that Danny annoys me less.

3. Wonder Woman was amazing and fun and as awesome as I could have hoped and I've really enjoyed all the excitement and discussion around it. The little girls dressed up as Diana, the fan art, seeing Gal Gadot everywhere because I have loved her for years and she is lovely. It's great to have a decent DC film. I enjoyed the heck out of it in the theatre, but only saw it once. I'm sure I'll see it again whenever it's available. I have to admit though that I felt a bit removed from it. I couldn't let go of how similar it was to CA:TFA. Casting Chris Pine didn't help, imo (although don't get me wrong, I adore him! If someone forced me to rank the Chrises, he'd be at the top). It's not that one or the other film is better or DC vs MCU or anything dumb like that, it's just that I felt like I was watching a remix. Still enjoyed it though!

4. AND I also saw Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which I loved <3 <3. cutting just in case )

5. Also, talk about late to the party but I am just now getting around to watching Band of Brothers. Yes, I know. That is so 2001. What can I say? I finally caved and got a subcription to Amazon Prime and there's tons of stuff on it. I watched all of the Sopranos, too, and that was also something I hadn't ever watched despite the hoopla. Anyway, I just finished watching season 2 of Billions, so watching a young Damian Lewis as Winters is kind of a continuing treat. Winters is nothing like Bobby Axelrod, which is probably a good thing.

6. Billions is outstanding, fyi. Highly highly recommend but it's not a fannish show.

7. I started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, and fully agree with the critics about the treatment of suicide in this thing. Yikes.

8. ETA - Forgot to mention that I INHALED all of the new Anne of Green Gables, Anne with an E on Netlfix. I watched it in 2 days which I never do. Normally I stretch out a tv show for weeks. Anyway, to say I loved it is an understatement. It is not the Anne of Green Gables of my youth. And I don't care. It was awesome. Amazing. I want all the more seasons it deserves to be. ALL OF THEM.


In other news, my mental vacation from writing is at an end I'm diving back into rewriting the second book. OY. REWRITING SUCKS YO. haha I just realized that oy and yo are the same two letters flipped. It's the little things.

I would also like to tackle some fan fiction I got brewing, and although the last 2 months would have been ideal to knock some of those out, apparently my brain had other plans. Like sloth. haha. Whatever, I will manage somehow.

I am going to Spain! For two whole weeks! In September. And considering I am allergic to olives and olive oil I might die! I have no idea what I'm going to eat while I'm there. Pray for me.

Mother continues to have misadventures in this new life after moving back to Los Angeles. That's a post for another day.
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For my b-day this year I took 2 days off work (friday and monday), took myself to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, mom and I are having brunch in a little bit and then going to go see the Circle (her choice) because it is also moms day, had a lovely pre-birthday trail ride on the best damn horse ever yesterday who is being retired to Kentucky this Wednesday and I'm trying not to cry about it, had a less successful b-day ride this morning on the bitchiest mare ever I thought I was gonna die no lie, spending the whole day monday with bestie S, and then barn girl dinner this coming Wednesday, which will be slightly bittersweet as the ponies retiring to KY are leaving that day.

pant pant pant


My very important thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy right here! )
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I'm getting the impression that I better stay off social media if I don't want to be spoiled for GotG2 and the post credit scenes. /o\

Anyway.... on a completely different and yet weirdly related note, I decided to watch the most recent Jason Bourne movie, which I hadn't seen yet. And so, I'm sitting there, comfy in my bed, watching pretty much the same story over again (because let's face it, every single one of the Bourne movies has the same plot.... not that I'm complaining), and ruminating on the similarities between all brainwashed assassins.

Then I remember fondly my once upon a time amusement at my oft wished-for Jack Bauer/James Bond/Jack Bristow/Jason Bourne crossover. I STILL pine for this.

And THEN, I froze, and started laughing because damn it all to hell but James Bucky Barnes has the same gdamn initials. JEEZUS. So, now the assassin crossover of doom is JB/JB/JB/JB/JB! Let me write it out in all its glory: Jack Bauer/James Bond/Jack Bristow/Jason Bourne/James Barnes. TA DA! *jazz hands*

Okay, there was a kind of symmetry in a foursome assassin quartet, and a fifth lonely assassin throws the metric off, but the poor fellow can't be left in the wind on his own, now can he.

The possibilities! The angst! Can you imagine all of these broken down men all in one room? hahaaaa. Would it be a twosome/threesome thing? I vote for Bond/Barnes, and Jack/Jack/Jason.

But you can pretty much velcro them any which way. ENDLESS AMUSEMENT. I perversely want them to set up house together.

Really, the Bourne/Barnes similarities are ridiculous. They are practically the same character in very different universes, only poor Jason doesn't have an equivalent Steve or a Sam to help him, and the many different Peggys of the Bourne universe are all either of questionable ethics or killed. *pets*


In unrelated news, I have 2 different social events to go to today. I have a cough that won't go away. Weird allergy/ezcema? hasn't gone away yet either. Not sure when I can manage to go see GotG. Would have done it this morning if not for the 2 social events. And my apartment needs a good cleaning. I'm waiting on comments/notes back on my book and it's kind of driving me crazy. My land lord raised my rent. :/

Oh but hey I might be going to Spain in the late summer/early fall so that's good right? Also I've lost like 15/20 pounds because I can't eat anything anymore. Woo.


In further unrelated news, I am watching White Collar on Netflix, which I hadn't ever bothered with before. So cute! Such ripe OT3ness!

Much of it makes me pine for Leverage, though. Also, I'm smitten with all of the characters, but I'm currently on season 4 and I'm beginning to tire at the repetitiveness of the Peter/Neal dynamic (you know, Peter *wants* to trust Neal but can't, Neal *wants* to trust Peter but can't, rinse repeat). THIS is why Leverage is still king of the universe for me, because every season of Leverage brought character development. The relationships changed, and grew, and evolved.

But, it's very charming. Yay for built in ot3s.
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So, I haven't mentioned it (or have I? Now I can't remember and I'm too lazy to check past posts) but my remaining parental unit (my mother :D) has moved back to the US.

She and my dad retired about 8 years ago and because neither made any plans for retirement and only had social security and because they like to make life difficult for themselves, they moved to Mexico (Ensenada, an hour south of the border). For a few years now, I've been saying she needs to move back. But over the recent holiday I put my foot down and was like THIS HAS TO CHANGE. NOW.

Since my dad's passing, I've been telling her this can't continue, I didn't know how it was going to happen for her to move back, I just knew it had to happen. She has had to come up to LA regularly (like every other month) for doctor's visits and injections into her eye (wet MDG) and then over the thanksgiving/christmas time she was having serious blood pressure problems (variable blood pressure) she would constantly call in a panic about it, and when she comes up here she ends up staying with me for 2 weeks every visit. It was driving me insane. And it was unsustainable. And she's 70 fucking years old, driving all that way every other month on her own was getting more and more difficult. And also, I love her. I love my mom. But by the end of 2 weeks I want to kill her. And this is 2 weeks every other month! Not a once a year or couple times a year visit. This is every other fucking month. And I just couldn't do it anymore.

Anyway, long story short, when I finally made her realize (through a lot of tears. ugh, it was terrible) that this couldn't go on (because she fought me on it and fought me on it and fought me on and always denied that she was fighting me on it and I kept telling her if she wanted to move, the opportunity to move would appear because that's just how the universe works) she found a place in like no time, just like that, and has moved into a little converted garage she found through a friend of a friend, renting from a woman and her semi-famous 21 year old daughter. YUP.

And that's all a roundabout way to say that (now that she can call me and I can pop over to her place in 10 minutes..... this could be a good thing or a bad thing hahahaaaaaaaa) I accidentally went to the movies TWICE today. Because, I went to see Fate of the Furious, by myself, and didn't tell anyone because I'm jealous of my alone-movie time, and then she called me to see her new fridge and when I was there she wanted to go to the movies and so I ended up going to go see Gifted.


Fate of the Furious )

My one serious complaint about watching Fate of the Furious is that I like to go to this nearby theatre that still has cheapy matinee prices and has lovely reclining seats but they don't light their films enough or something so the whole thing was Very Dark. Like, I can't see anyone on screen because it's not bright enough dark. Which means, I have a nice excuse to see it again sometime at less cheapy place before it goes away.

Gifted was also lovely! Without being saccharinely endearing, which I appreciate. I had planned to see it, just not today. But it happened anyway. And it was a bit of a whiplash after FotF but that's okay. It was such an emotionally satisfying film, and I agree with [personal profile] destina in everything she said about it. Also, can CE please act with Octavia Spencer in every non-mcu film (or mcu film, I don't care, find her a role) forever now? Please and thank you. Also also, Lindsey Duncan can pretty much act circles around everyone on the planet including CE (which, no shame, she's Lindsey Duncan ffs) but he held his own with her and it was great to see him challenged like that.
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If 500 stories in AO3 can be called a party. There are only 500 FNL stories on AO3, and for some reason the the second most popular pairing is Tim/Julie ??? Which I am reading and enjoying ?????? In a cute/bad/wrong/cute sort of way.

I have survived watching all of Friday Night Lights. I thought my heart was going to explode a few times there and I would just expire from too much love on my couch, but I made it through. Barely.

Clear eyes, Full Hearts )

In other news, yesterday I called in sick to work and had the ENTIRE day to myself. It was also the first day off where I didn't have to write or work or had obligations or plans or anything in about a year. I went to the movies and saw Logan, finally. And then I cleaned the apartment a little bit so I wasn't a complete sloth. There was a fair amount of TV watching too.

Quick thoughts about Logan: )
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So much to type about, so little brain.

This is what I've been doing:

1. I watched all of season 1 of Westworld and have decided not to continue with it. As a friend of mine said when i mentioned I just watched it and that I didn't think I would bother with season 2, it's too "rapey." That, and I pretty much actively hate every human and I'm not that fond of the robots either, so when I'm rooting for everyone to die I'm pretty sure that's time for me to bail.

2. In my infinite wisdom I decided to pick up Friday Night Lights again. I'd only seen season 1 back when it aired, and never continued. This was because of reasons, some to do with the show but mostly because life was very life at that time and I can pretty much pin point my break up with appointment television to that period. Anyway, a friend had just watched it all on Netflix, and I had always intended to watch it anyway, and I heard it was good, so I was like, okay, I think I'm ready. And I started watching it again and all through rewatching season 1 I was like, OMG this show is soooo goood why did I ever stop watching it whhhyyyy I love everyone on this show so much. And then I started watching season 2 and I was like.... OH RIGHT THIS IS WHY. Hah. No no, not because season 2 was uneven or anything but because I love these characters so much that watching them hurt even a little bit, emotionally or physically, makes me very anxious. Let's just say when I roll my eyes at the MCU fandom for losing their collective heads over Bucky Barnes, just say Tim Riggins to me and I'll shut up.

3. The kittens over at The Librarians are all very kittenish and that show is too darn adorable.

4. Life got out of hand this month so I haven't seen Logan yet. Nor Iron Fist, which I do plan on watching even though everyone and their grandmother says it's terrible.

5. Even though I saw the movie The Martian in theatres, and I had a copy for ages and watched it at least a few times since then, I suddenly had a desire to read fan fiction for it the other day. Specifically, I wanted Watney/Mitch Henderson (don't ask me why) but there's NOTHING in that pairing. I am so disappointed in fandom right now. BUT I did read a bunch of lovely fic in various pairings and threesomes, and some group Ares fic. I've bookmarked a handful that I liked, and I'm still poking my way through the stories on AO3 (surprise surprise there's not a lot) but I have a fic rec for anyone even remotely interested.

All This Could Be Yours, by mardia (Lewis/Watney) -- Both Commander Lewis and Mark Watney are stranded on Mars together.

It's not even remotely a popular pairing, but I adored this story. In such a small fandom, one starts to read everything, and I was not sorry to give this one a try. It's the first in a series, but the other 2 stories are more companion pieces. Not sure I've read another story, fanfic or professional, that truly delves into real intimacy between 2 people as well as this one, imo.
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The Highlander Holiday Shortcuts stories are now revealed! Wahoo!

This is what I wrote:

A Dance Told in Six Parts
~10K words
Gen, Duncan/Methos/Amanda

This was a lot of fun to write. It's 90% silliness. A lot of hand-waivey plotting haha. :D

Many many thanks to [personal profile] raine for the beta!


Dec. 30th, 2016 09:09 pm
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So I thought the servers were already in Russia? Whatever. I backed up to DW ages ago. I know people no longer feel comfortable even cross-posting anymore. I won't be deleting just yet.

You can find me on DW/Tumblr/AO3 as hafital, because I am stuck in my ways.
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This post will unfortunately not touch on so much that I want to write about. I think I should make a New Year's resolution to post more often.

Since I returned from Scotland it seems the world has been set of fire. Also, I have watched tv, finished a draft of my next book, started a rewrite of that book, stalled on the rewrite when I had to write my HL Shortcut story, went to see a few movies, DARTH VADER HAS RETURNED MAY HE NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN (no seriously, I am not that fannish about Star Wars, but Rogue One has given me back the Darth Vader of my childhood and I am seriously forever grateful. I do not have too many strong emotions about the prequels because at the end of the day I don't think I really care that much but it wasn't until I was in the theatre watching Rogue One that I realized how much I resented those films for how they changed my feelings on Darth Vader. Anyway, he's back. And I love him.), we had to put a dear horse down yesterday and we're all very sad and all by barn girls have been crying for two days now, I gave up gluten and dairy but am now having an allergic reaction to eating too many high histamine producing foods. oy.

Tomorrow my mom and I will go to a day spa and soak in some hot springs.

Pray that my itchy eyelids go away. And itchy other parts I won't mention. HAH.

BUT. The real reason for this hasty post is to direct all 3 of you who still read this journal to go to the Highlander Holiday Short Cuts fest on AO3.

Try and guess which one's mine! I'd give a hint but honestly it's gotta be bloody obvious which one's mine.

ALSO, I got a Highlander/Northanger Abbey x- over story, An' to the Greenwood She is Gane and it's so scrumptiously wonderful. If you have any affection for Austen and Epistolary fiction, you should definitely read it. :D :D

eta: Oh no! :(
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Okay, who's the dummy who waited waaaaay to long to start her HL Shortcuts story???

this girl. :/

Is anyone free to beta? pleeaaase? Since the deadline was this past thursday, I need it rather quick. Can be for only grammar.

*bats eyelashes like Amanda*

comments screened, should my recipient come wandering over.

ETA: All set! *phew*
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Hello LJ land! I am back from my adventures abroad.

Actually, I've been back for weeks now but re-entry into regular life has been all consuming, and I've been using my "sit down and write" energy to sit down and write. Every day I've been like, "when are you going to share pics on LJ???" and then I watch TV and browse tumblr. < insert that cute shrugging ascii thing I see on tumblr >

BUT. I'm back, and Scotland was AMAZING. I would say it's a trip of a life time but I would actually like to have such trips often so I don't want to limit myself to just this. Except that it really was amazing.

My friends and I had adventures. And met lots of characters. Some that where hilarious, some that were sad, some that were family, some that were ACTUAL VIKINGS. Yes an actual viking came on to me and my friend at a bar in Kirkwall and he was entertaining and an actual viking -- he said so -- and he was REALLY DRUNK because all you do in Scotland is drink, fyi, and had the most incredible nose. My one true regret was that we didn't get a pic with him so I could show everyone the viking and his nose.

Also ALSO my friend and I were on actual twin horses! Like, actual TWIN horses, born from the same mare, who survived. So Rare. My horse's name was Maverick, and his brother was Goose. :D :D :D

Not going to lie, I kept thinking about Duncan and Connor for the six days on horseback. :D :D :D Especially Connor as we had a morning at Eileen Donan castle. It was funny, though, because everyone and their gd mother aunt and grandmother kept referencing Outlander. From everyone on the ride (except my friend who also doesn't watch it) and the trek leaders who run a couple of Outlander specific long rides to the other tourists we saw by the standing stones in Kirkwall to everyone commenting on pics uploaded to FB. YES I GET IT JAIME IS HOT but jeez he is not the original highlander! I was someone privately miffed.

AND also because everyone knew I was a writer they kept asking me if I had read Outlander and each time I was like < snooty voice > yes and I didn't like it. pew. < / snooty voice >

Pics behind the cut, but I didn't upload any of the kirkwall pics. I guess that'll be another day. I uploaded 30 or so pics, which is a bit too much for one post so if anyone cares the album is here

A few of my favorites behind the cut.
Read more... )

Er, I think I could have done a better job choosing a better variety of pics to upload. lol. There are just so many! Everywhere you looked there was a stunning view and I took like 10 pics of the same damn view because I couldn't help it.

More pics and other updates later. xoxo
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In case anyone is curious? This is what I'm doing for the next 2 weeks:

Read more... )
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Ack! I'm leaving on a plane today for the UK! ahahaha.

I have fannish things to talk about. :D

1. Despite swearing off the reboot films, I went to see Star Trek Beyond. It did not suck. Quick thoughts: Read more... )


I also went to see Ghostbusters. Which was very charming! I laughed a lot. HUGE fan of Kristin Wiig so pretty much anything she's in I'm game and she never has failed to make me laugh. I have a picture of Dooneese on my fridge!

Anyway, I had seen the original Ghostbusters just a few weeks prior, in the big screen which was neat! and the reboot is great but damn that first movie was really fantastic. I hate to compare the two, especially with all the meta and criticism (and hate) about rebooting films with female casts (which I am 100 percent on board with!) but my favorite part of Ghostbusters was in the original:

"Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here."
"Is this true?"
"Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."



I watched all of Aquarius, and I don't really have much to say about it other than a) the actor playing Manson looks nothing like him. b) 3 of the men in this tv show look so much alike I get mixed up. c) I realized I hadn't seen David Duchovny act in anything else besides The X-Files and Twin Peaks. It was weird seeing him not be Mulder!


Also watching Bloodlines, finished all of the Twilight Zone, almost done with Animaniacs. How's that for a strange mixture? Jeez.

Finished the most current season of Orange is the New Black. I'm still watching! It's hard to like anyone on the show though. And I don't want to comment on Poussey.

Also finished the current season of The Librarians. It's so cute and silly. I love it. Not quite up to the love of Leverage, but still enjoyable. I adore Jenkins.

Next up Stranger Things.

Still in love with Captain America. <3 (as anyone who follows me on tumblr is well aware)


Since May? Or maybe April? I have been trudging through the first draft of another novel. writing is hard. /o\ Everything else in my life is on hold until I have a working draft. Right now the thing looks like a monkey with 8 arms and 12 eyes and maybe half a leg.

Although I am taking a break while traveling. YES.
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Mama Mia and baby Tucker are doing fine. Little grullo baby. He looks like a mouse. You can't get a good judge of just how small they both are. Mama Mia's head barely reaches crotch-level lol.
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Interrupting the downward mcu tumblr spiral for a moment to report that I went to see Keanu on my b-day and I LAUGHED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

kittens bat at my lack of real spoilers )
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We have a pregnant mini horse at the barn. Her name is Mama Mia. She was a rescue, and came to us pregnant. Her belly is as big as she is. She's sooooo ready to pop. Look at her floofy mane!

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People keep saying interesting things! Lots of great reviews and meta and fan theories, both favorable and not, floating around out there. Some of it forcing me to think a little harder on some of my reactions to the film.

Steve Rogers meta.... and a little bit about Tony )
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Okay, I'm really going to try to be quick this time!

more natterings )
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I had been composing a post, in my head, that I had entitled "complain complain complain" but it was full of me complaining and I got bored with it, and it never got out of the internal dialogue stage of post-making.

So, there's this post instead. Full of nonsense.

1. We are now four days out from CA: Civil War and I remain about 98% spoiler free! \o/ Basically I don't watch TV and only squint at tumblr. None of my real life friends cares one iota about the MCU. Although there was that one time I was at dinner with a bunch of friends and someone brought up the CW trailer and I was like GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM BYE.

2. 'Course I probably just jinxed myself.

3. Today at the car dealership, on some morning talk show, a couple of the MCU actors were there promoting the movie and I was like "oh no you don't" and had my headphones on in a jiffy. But I was momentarily struck by how weird it was to watch these particular actors being interviewed. And then I realized that I had gotten so used to seeing them only in gif format on tumblr, where that was more normal than regular video. OY.

4. One of the things I wanted to complain about was the dearth of Sam/Steve fiction out there. Why isn't there more? WHY? Feel free to rec me some Steve/Sam, although I feel like I've been pretty thorough in my searches. Preferably not also as part of Steve/Bucky or another pairing because of reasons. Not that I don't love them all, because I DO, I really do.

4.a. I admit I have picky tastes.

5. Also if anyone has any good recommendations for Steve/Thor? I tried checking out the pairing tag on AO3 but got dispirited at what seemed to be only cracky/gimicky type stories all wildly ooc, but maybe I missed something.

5.a Also, also, I've come to accept that I will always be out of step with fandom at large -- I only play in a fandom sandbox if I love canon and it seems to me that most everyone else plays in a fandom sandbox *despite* canon.

6. I rewatched all of Star Wars, from the prequels to Clone War to the original trilogy to TFA. And this is what I learned: a) Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite character, b) the Emperor has got some serious long con game skills yo. Like, the man has patience. c) having the force is more trouble than it's worth, d) Clone Wars is by far the better, more comprehensive part of the stories pre-original trilogy, e) JJ Abrams should not be trusted with science. not even with fantasy science. I know there's hand wavy explanation for why everyone in every system can see the starkiller destroy that one system but it's dumb. At least the trilogy kept to it's own logic, but TFA is kind of all over the place. f) but even with that, which honestly pulls me out of the story every time, TFA is a lot of fun if only for Rey and Finn. And sometimes Poe.

7. I've started writing a new book and... you guys, writing is hard.

8. I am deeply amused by the billboard around town for Neighbors 2 (and jeez, was there a Neighbors 1???) because it's like EXACTLY the same as the billboards all around town for CA Civil War. EXACTLY THE SAME. Honestly I'd almost prefer the plot of Neighbors 2.... haha. Okay not really. But kind of yeah.

Wow that was kind of complainy after all. :/


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