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I've been meaning to do this for *months*, since before I left for Prague. I'm a lazy lazy girl. *g* These are Pride & Prejudice stories. They are also going to be mostly het stories, just fyi, but I did find some slash.

The vast majority of P&P fanfic falls into two categories: Regency Era fic and Modern Day Retellings. With Regency Era fic, you also have two main sub-categories, if you will: "What If" stories and "After Marriage" stories.

My personal favorite type of P&P story is the "What If" Regency Era story, and that's what you're going to find most of in these recs. This is a story that departs from the novel in some way, branching out into an AU. For example a typical story will have the point of departure be that Darcy didn't bungle the first proposal, and thus the story unfolds differently or maybe Lizzy and Darcy are seen in some sort of compromising position (usually quite innocent) and are forced to marry to save her reputation, etc etc. They're fun and amusing (although the forced marriage scenario can be somewhat alarming), and it's like reading P&P over and over and over again but with variation and a lot more angst. Usually these "What If" stories follow the events of the novel, even if they're jumbled or sped up or something, however occasionally they go far off into left field, although always Lizzy and Darcy end up together (at least all the stories I'm going to rec do). Often the point of departure is a mild variation from the novel, and sometimes it's very big, like Lizzy's father dies suddenly or Wickham isn't a bad boy.

I find "After Marriage" stories less compelling, but there are some that are truly wonderful, which I've included here. There are also a few 'after engagement but before marriage' stories that are fun. These stories come at the end of the list of Regency fics I've listed.

On the whole, I find most of the stories attempt to stay historically accurate and do so remarkable well, but there are some with slight inaccuracies (and some bigger ones) that can be jarring. I find that most inaccuracies are committed for the sake of plot. I avoid the worst of these.

In Modern Day P&P stories, what we have here are stories in which Darcy comes from some super rich, uber posh family or life and Lizzy is some sort of struggling, or on the cusp, or emerging professional or artist, and the story itself mostly falls in line with the events of the novel, with minor to major variations. Some of these are great fun, although on the whole I prefer Regency stories. I find that modern day characterizations of Lizzy and Darcy tend to fall off the mark, for me, more with Lizzy than with Darcy, which is interesting.

I will not be including links to stories here that are behind locked doors (i.e. you need to register and get a password, etc.) But I will link to those sites and maybe list the stories, in case anyone wants to commit further to reading.

The Stories:


By Force of Instinct - ADULT This Pride & Prejudice what-if story begins just after Elizabeth reads Darcy's letter at Hunsford. What would have happened if they had been forced to continue in each other's company at Rosings immediately, rather than having months to reflect upon what had happened?

A Most Convenient Mishap - ADULT While residing at Netherfield during Jane's convalescence, Elizabeth and Darcy manage to have a most convenient mishap.

Forces of Passion - ADULT Easily the best written piece of P&P fanfic available. The footnotes alone make my toes curl, but the story is great and I love her characterizations, even if it suffers from a typical trope in P&P fanfic - an overbearing Mr. Bennet - but she at least justifies it somewhat.

Overhearings More to the Purpose - What if Lizzy never overheard Darcy snub her at the Meryton Assembly? This has one of my favorite proposal scenes.

The Fortune He Ought to Have - This is one of those great P&P "What If" stories where the point of departure is so very clever, but also the writing is clean and elevated. Highly recommended.

An Arranged Marriage - The title of this should give you a hint about the plot. Elizabeth is pressured into accepting Mr. Darcy's proposal when her family's situation becomes desperate.

The Engagement - Elizabeth, young and impressionable and enchanted with Mr. Wickham, enters into an engagement with the wrong man!

A Singular Proposal - ADULT What if Darcy has a different kind of proposal all together? This is a What If story where the point of departure occurs before Darcy and Elizabeth meet. I adore the Bingley in this story.

An Unlikely Friendship - This is the only "Wickham is not bad but good" story I have found. I also like it because I like any story where Charlotte escapes her fate in the novel.

Relative Indiscretions - After Elizabeth has refused Darcy, they are thrown together and torn apart by the passionate indiscretions of some of their female relatives.

Without Reserve - ADULT This story is a Pride & Prejudice what-if which begins just after Elizabeth's return to Hertfordshire after her journey to Kent. The main plot change will be evident; a more minor one is that she and the Gardiners travel to the Lakes as originally planned, instead of to Derbyshire.

A Prudent Move - Elizabeth accepts Darcy's first proposal.

Seeds of Doubt While at Rosings, Mr. Darcy brings Georgiana, and thus seeds of doubt are sown and Elizabeth begins to question many things Mr. Wickham as told her.

Dearly Beloved - This story is more uneven than others, but it absolutely had me in total tears.

A Rewarding Rivalry - Darcy and Col. Fitzwilliam both rival for Elizabeth's affections.

The Journey - Lizzy and Darcy get kidnapped by highwaymen!

The Last Man in the World - ADULT This is a forced marriage story that's particularly angsty, but very very good.

To Rejoice in his Success - This story is a twist on Col. Fitzwilliam's usual amiability. Here he sees the imprudence of Elizabeth as a choice of wife for his cousin and attempts to dissuade him.

Impulse & Initiative: The Intimate Heart - ADULT What if story where Darcy returns to Hertfordshire sooner than in the novel.

Assertion and Retreat - This is not a What If story, but is a story that follows Darcy from the period of Elizabeth's refusal at Huntsford to when they meet again at Pemberley. Extremely intelligent, sometimes too intelligent, writing.

Mr. Darcy Steals a Kiss - ADULT - Oh, the frustrations of a newly engaged young man. The only problem I have with this story is that it's not favorable to Bingley or Jane, two characters I adore. Set just after the end of the novel.

A Marriage of True Minds - ADULT - Sequel to Mr. Darcy Steals a Kiss. This story is unfinished, but it ends in a not too jarring place. I enjoyed this story, not only because it's hot, but, well, okay mostly because it's hot. heh.

A Wanton Woman - ADULT - Speaking of hot, this is a short look at Darcy and Elizabeth exploring a fantasy just after they are newly wed.

The Education of Miss Bennet - ADULT - You won't find many stories that focus completely on Jane and Bingley. In fact, this might be the only one I've seen. It's short, but sweet and also hot. Set just at the end of the novel.

On the Nature of Love - Speaking of Jane and Bingley, this story is set a few years in the future where we come to see some of the differences in Darcy and Bingley and Elizabeth and Jane. Short, but surprisingly touching and real. This is entirely believable.

Summer at Pemberley - Long, satisfying story about the events of the Darcys' first Summer at Pemberley, the unexpected guests they receive and their growing admiration for each other.

An Unknown Quantity of a Girl - This story shows what a great relationship Col. Fitzwilliam and Darcy have.

The Final Indignity - This is a charming story on the continuing frustrations of one Caroline Bingley.

A Double Wedding - Elizabeth and Darcy have finally declared their love. But will she and Jane be able to have their double wedding in spite of numerous obstacles and the obstructions of a obstreperous father?

The End of the Honeymoon - Yuletide 2006 story. Shorter then most of the stories found here, but I really liked it a lot. Beautiful and lovely.


Slurry - ADULT - Lizzy and Darcy in a rock band! This is my favorite modern story. It's hot, the characters are in character, I love her Darcy and her Lizzy, and also it's hot. Fizwilliam is super hot. Bingley and Jane are fun and hot. Charlotte is hot. There is a short sequel.

Longbourn and Pemberley Go To War - ADULT - By the same author who wrote Slurry, this is Lizzy and Darcy within the SCA community. Interesting, good characters, and also, you guessed it, hot. :) There is also a short sequel for this story as well.

The Muse - ADULT - Lizzy and Darcy in the ballet world. Darcy is a strict, difficul taskmaster choreographer, Lizzy is a young corps dancer. You get the picture.

All That's Best of Dark and Light - ADULT - Lizzy is a P.I. Darcy is a cop. True love happens. :) Quite a stretch from Jane Austen, but I liked it.

The Luxury Gap - ADULT - This story if often recommended. It's unfinished, and the writer is slow but she does update every blue moon or so. Darcy is a wealthy aviation tycoon person and Lizzy is a struggling costumer in the Theatre world of Seattle. link goes to her website. click on fiction to go to story.

An Unexpected Song - ADULT - This story is also often recommended and also unfinished, but I think it's not far off from being done and the author updates regularly. Darcy is a concert pianist and Lizzy is a struggling singer/teacher. I almost didn't recommend it because I'm not that terribly fond of some of the choices the author has made in terms of Lizzy's history, but it's still an entertaining read, if one is in the mood.


There isn't much slash at all. Most of what I found I saw at [livejournal.com profile] rarelitslash and you have to go digging for it (and what I found there I didn't like.) For slash in P&P to work for me, there can be, in no way, any disparaging or unkind intentions against Jane or Elizabeth, and that's sort of difficult when the whole obvious plot of the novel is to get these couples together. What's more, I don't particularly *need* P&P slash. But, I did find a couple of lovely stories.

Having Been Rebuked - A quiet moment of friendship between Darcy and Bingley. This is my favorite of the slash bunch, and it's only really slash if you look at it slantwise. I rather like Darcy/Bingley more if it's focused on their camaraderie and friendship rather than actually trying to make it slash.

I dreamed I went to Pemberley again - Darcy/Wickham. I really can't get behind this pairing at all, but I include this since there are so few slash stories.

Good Opinion - ADULT - Darcy/OMC, OMC/Wickham. Darcy while at Cambridge. This story makes me think of Brideshead Revisited more than P&P, but it's very well written.

Two Sides of the Same Coin - Darcy/Wickham. ADULT, I think. Okay, I confess I haven't read this. I'm not brave enough. Someone else read it and tell me if it's any good, although I probably still won't be able to read it.

Lapses of the Predetermined Future - I really like her Bingley here although maybe her Darcy is a tad too apathetic. But it's a rather lovely look at the Darcy/Bingley friendship.

Colonal Fitzwilliam Lends Darcy Both Hands, Mouth, and Various Other Body Parts - ADULT - This is available at Hyacinth Gardens. It's silly and not meant to be taken seriously, and I include it because I rather like the concept Darcy/Fitzwilliam as a pairing, and as far as I've seen, this is the only story for that pairing.

Once Upon a Midnight Deary - Darcy/Bingley from Yuletide 2006. It bothered me a little bit, but I quite liked it. *g*

Fiction at Hyacinth Gardens:

Hyacinth Gardens is a Jane Austen message board where you need to register in order to view the fiction posts. There is quite a bit of fiction that's only available there, but only a few of those which I would highly recommend: ETA: Hyacinth Garden's registration is currently down, so really I'm just taunting the 2 of you (if that) that might care to read the stories below. Sorry. ETA2: Registration is back up.

A Most Civil Proposal - P&P Regency What if, ADULT. This story suffers from the overbearing Mr. Bennet issue, but it's got some charming scenes.

Georgiana's Friend - P&P Regency What if, ADULT. Darcy has a younger brother as well as a younger sister, and he brings them with him when he goes to Hertfordshire with Bingley, thus Lizzy and Georgiana meet much sooner, become friends, and Lizzy escapes Mr. Wickham's influence. Unfinished at this time, but I think it only has one or two chapters to go. Now finished, and I actually might have to withdraw my recommendation. The first half of this story is very promising, but the second half is not at all to my liking, fyi.

Disguise of Every Sort - P&P What if, ADULT - What if Lizzy and Darcy do not happen upon each other at Pemberley? And Darcy goes away and Lizzy becomes consumed in trying to find her wayward sister, Lydia.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants - ADULT - P&P Fantasy! Woo. Set in a mythical land. Darcy is an evil overlord person and Lizzy is the comely maiden unfortunate enough to catch his eye.

The Great Game - ADULT P&P set about 30 years later. Darcy comes home from India and meets Elizabeth Bennet on the voyage home. Intrigue, espionage, betrayal, sex. A great read.

Jane Austen Fanfic and Historical Links:

Hyacinth Gardens: Very active message board.
Firthness: General Austen website, focusing mostly on P&P. It also has a message board but fiction is not posted there, but is interesting to read.
The Derbyshire's Writers Guild: This site is located at austen.com, which is a great resource for all things Austen. DWG is family friendly and you will not find any adult fiction there, but there are some excellent stories, and not just for P&P (although fiction based on the other novels tends not to be as good, sadly)
The Firthness Links Page.
Author Directory at Firthness.
Austen Interlude.
The Republic of Pemberley: A person could spend weeks mining for gold on this website, and never come to the end. It's huge, and there's a lot of info here. Favorite places are:

Bits of Ivory fanfic archive - although what you can find there can mostly be found elsewhere, too.
Jane Austen Life and Times Message Board - a fabulous resource for anything relating to the times in which Austen lived. The moderators are very careful to have things remain on topic, so you can't stray too far, but aside from that, there's so much info here, it's very impressive.
Republic of Pemberley Site Map - Very handy way to travel around the site, and find the links to each electronic text for each book as well as all the message boards for each book and other historical data.

woo. all done.

Date: 2006-09-27 03:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hello, randomly surfing friendslists, thank you for compiling this list, Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books and I'm glad to read some fanfic about these characters.

Date: 2007-05-08 11:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] miss-pryss.livejournal.com
OK, WOW. This list is such an incredible resource! Thank you so much for compiling it. I'm working my way through and reccing a bunch of stories from it. Thank you!!

Date: 2012-06-25 08:04 am (UTC)
maggie2mw: I made this! (Default)
From: [personal profile] maggie2mw
Hey, I utterly adore you at the moment! What a list, thanks Google for directing me here - and of cause THANK YOU for putting this together :D Can foresee many night sleep happily lost~ <3

Date: 2012-12-27 10:45 pm (UTC)
blady: if you don't know what you're missing cause you don't know where to start, follow your wishing heart ♪ lisa loeb (busy [tiana])
From: [personal profile] blady
I love your list & am trying to sift through it so see what I will like about all those interesting sounding stories. Thank you very much for reccing all these :D
But... did you by chance save some of these stories on your hard drive or something? Firthness for example is down and while I could find one or two stories in other archives via google some seem lost forever. Or at least for now. For example - since you loved it so - I would very much like to read "Forces of Passion" by Alison, but am unable to locate it :/

Date: 2013-03-04 12:38 am (UTC)
beatrice_otter: Elizabeth Bennet reads (Reading)
From: [personal profile] beatrice_otter
These stories all sound good, but unfortunately the links to many of them are broken. Do you have any alternate links, or, failing that, copies of them you could email me? I would especially be interested in any copies of "Forces of Passion" by Allison.

Date: 2013-03-04 07:35 am (UTC)
beatrice_otter: Me in red--face not shown (Default)
From: [personal profile] beatrice_otter
Thank you!

Now, I know I checked the Wayback Machine for that before, I wonder why I didn't find it?

Looking for all the best of dark and light

Date: 2017-01-14 05:15 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] btroisi
You don't happen to have a copy if story or pointer to the author?
I started to read it on the wayback machine but half the chapters are missing (very odd as it's seemingly random alternating chapters).
I was sucked into the promising atory and would love to read the complete work.

I have found your recc's quite interesting and while i'd rad most of the regency works, i decided to branch i to modern and am now hooked on that too!


Re: Looking for all the best of dark and light

Date: 2017-01-26 07:48 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] btroisi
I found All the Best That's Bright and Dark in pdf form on the meryton site.
Now, after a very intense week of reading, i'm SO frustrated to find that both The Luxury Gap and An Unexpected Song are unfinished and may never be. I'm in withdrawl.
Thanks so much for several weeks of enjoyment.


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