Feb. 29th, 2016

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hullo, hullo. I know it's been weeks. But I've been mired in fic writing so, yay?

~ I got to hang out with [personal profile] killabeez both this weekend and last weekend, and I got to see and hug a bunch of folks very quickly at Escapade for an all too brief but beautifully fannish lunch. Couldn't do my usual Saturday membership this year. :( But it's all good.

~ With CA: CW coming hard upon us (*snicker*), I figured if I was gonna write these couple of MCU stories, I better do so now. I'm not especially nervous about it, but I'd rather get these stories out now rather than wait and possibly have my fannish interest go awry. Also, I should be starting my next novel, so I gotta push these puppies out the door.

~ I recently inhaled all of The Blacklist that was available on Netflix, which, I liked for the most part. It's entertaining, if somewhat ridiculous, but what isn't these days anyway? lol. BUT, rewatching Age of Ultron after spending that many hours watching James Spader on The Blacklist, now I can't see Ultron without hearing Red Reddington and it is HILARIOUS.

~ I'm days away from finishing my current MCU story. What type of MCU story am I currently writing, you may ask? UGH is my answer. I had this genish story idea focusing on Bucky and Clint Barton that I couldn't get rid of, and because I apparently lack the gen-writing gene it is now Bucky/Barton/Laura, with a primary focus on Bucky, I guess. I don't know. It's still very Steve&Bucky though, if anyone cares. It's good? I like it? I'm sort of falling in love with the dynamic in this. These are neither of my one true characters or anything, I'm so much more a Steve and Sam girl, but WHAT CAN YOU DO?? I feel like the premise might turn off some people, but whatever. It's got the full Barton family effect going here! Surely someone will want to read this thing? Anyone? Bueller?

~ Work is aggravating, but barn life is popping. Yet exhausting. It's been pretty much non-stop activity in my social life since December. I'm tired. I need a nap.

~ my new apartment is great, but predictably I got overwhelmed in decorating and so it's not done yet. My tighter budget is no bueno. I'll pick it back up!

~ OH. Highlander friends!!! I keep forgetting to mention that I'm going on a six day Scottish Highlands trip on horseback. ON HORSEBACK.** Through the Scottish Highlands. Basically from one side to the other. The itinerary takes us to the castle from the first movie! I did not know this when I chose this particular package trip, but it is certainly a bonus! I'll post the itinerary when I get a chance. This is the company hosting the trip. And we are going on the Wild West Highlands one, route 2, which is apparently more rugged. :D I wanted the Wiskey and Castles trip, but the dates didn't work out, but bonus highlander castle is awesome so yay! And we ride along Loch Ness, so that'll be cool.

** Or as my Thor-like Iranian Pilates coach would say, "On back horse? You went backhorse riding?"

~ whoops I'm late for work.


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