Sep. 24th, 2016

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Hello LJ land! I am back from my adventures abroad.

Actually, I've been back for weeks now but re-entry into regular life has been all consuming, and I've been using my "sit down and write" energy to sit down and write. Every day I've been like, "when are you going to share pics on LJ???" and then I watch TV and browse tumblr. < insert that cute shrugging ascii thing I see on tumblr >

BUT. I'm back, and Scotland was AMAZING. I would say it's a trip of a life time but I would actually like to have such trips often so I don't want to limit myself to just this. Except that it really was amazing.

My friends and I had adventures. And met lots of characters. Some that where hilarious, some that were sad, some that were family, some that were ACTUAL VIKINGS. Yes an actual viking came on to me and my friend at a bar in Kirkwall and he was entertaining and an actual viking -- he said so -- and he was REALLY DRUNK because all you do in Scotland is drink, fyi, and had the most incredible nose. My one true regret was that we didn't get a pic with him so I could show everyone the viking and his nose.

Also ALSO my friend and I were on actual twin horses! Like, actual TWIN horses, born from the same mare, who survived. So Rare. My horse's name was Maverick, and his brother was Goose. :D :D :D

Not going to lie, I kept thinking about Duncan and Connor for the six days on horseback. :D :D :D Especially Connor as we had a morning at Eileen Donan castle. It was funny, though, because everyone and their gd mother aunt and grandmother kept referencing Outlander. From everyone on the ride (except my friend who also doesn't watch it) and the trek leaders who run a couple of Outlander specific long rides to the other tourists we saw by the standing stones in Kirkwall to everyone commenting on pics uploaded to FB. YES I GET IT JAIME IS HOT but jeez he is not the original highlander! I was someone privately miffed.

AND also because everyone knew I was a writer they kept asking me if I had read Outlander and each time I was like < snooty voice > yes and I didn't like it. pew. < / snooty voice >

Pics behind the cut, but I didn't upload any of the kirkwall pics. I guess that'll be another day. I uploaded 30 or so pics, which is a bit too much for one post so if anyone cares the album is here

A few of my favorites behind the cut.
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Er, I think I could have done a better job choosing a better variety of pics to upload. lol. There are just so many! Everywhere you looked there was a stunning view and I took like 10 pics of the same damn view because I couldn't help it.

More pics and other updates later. xoxo


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