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If 500 stories in AO3 can be called a party. There are only 500 FNL stories on AO3, and for some reason the the second most popular pairing is Tim/Julie ??? Which I am reading and enjoying ?????? In a cute/bad/wrong/cute sort of way.

I have survived watching all of Friday Night Lights. I thought my heart was going to explode a few times there and I would just expire from too much love on my couch, but I made it through. Barely.

~ I don't think I've had my heart broken and then put back together again so many times before with any other tv show or fandom. FNL broke my heart repeatedly but then not only healed it again but also somehow made it BETTER. And they did that like 50 times.

~ Okay, granted I could have done with WAY more Tim/Jason and I would have loved it if Tim had had at least a slightly easier time of things, but I always knew he had a rough road ahead for him (which is the main reason I didn't know if I could survive the show) but he pulled through and I don't mind at all that he's building his house on his land, which he loves so much. I had my suspicions even way back when I watched season 1 in 2007 that he would full circle back to Tyra after they both did some growing up. And they're still so young.

~ Tami Taylor, flawed human being, is my hero.

~ Coach Taylor is a close second. (aside: I struggled so hard watching Bloodlines because Kyle Chandler is so damn charming but John Rayburn is no Coach Taylor but you THINK he's kind of like Coach Taylor and you're like well I know he's not really Coach Taylor but he's a good dad and fine cop and husband and then OH GOD no no and you're like crying for your lost Coach Taylor on your couch. ahem. But Kyle Chandler is brilliant and Bloodlines is totally amazing. That first season is fantastic])

~ One thing I know this show struggled with is dropped characters. Like, what happened to Santiago? What ever happened to JD McCoy?? Matt's mom? Devon? But I know with a dense and packed ensemble cast and juggling all the different stories woven together, there were bound to be some loose threads.

~ It was a pleasure watching Michael Jordan on my screen. I loved Vince. Although I loved Jess even more. Where's my Jess spin off??? I want the female high school football coach TV show and I want it now.

~ Back to the inexplicable popularity of Tim/Julie -- okay, I understand the appeal, because Tim plus young sisterish sweet girls where he's vaguely inappropriately big brotherish and Super Protective Saving The Day From Storms or Being The Only Semi Adult in a Bad Situation is obviously a Good Thing. I loved his relationship with Becky and I think the show, needing Julie for other storylines, got to explore that dynamic with Becky rather than with Julie. So, I get it. Because it's awesome. If it stayed there. And the show stayed there (and Tim gently turning Becky down was... I love him forever and ever and ever), but the fan fic goes farther and I'm like oh god aaaaaah. O.O (and, also, although I love Julie, I think people keep her in the sweet slightly dorky category that we saw her as at the start of the series rather than what she actually is which is waaay more dysfunctional than that, and Tim has enough dysfunction thank you very much). Although I will say that anything where Tim becomes part of the Taylor family I can't really say no to. One of my favorite parts of the series was when he was living with the Taylors, and one of my absolute favorite dynamics in the series is between Coach and Tim. There's a lot there to mine that the show didn't give us.

In other news, yesterday I called in sick to work and had the ENTIRE day to myself. It was also the first day off where I didn't have to write or work or had obligations or plans or anything in about a year. I went to the movies and saw Logan, finally. And then I cleaned the apartment a little bit so I wasn't a complete sloth. There was a fair amount of TV watching too.

Quick thoughts about Logan:

Okay, that was depressing. But I find most of the X-Men movies a bit depressing. Also, I've given up trying to figure out these movies in terms of a timeline, like when and where am I and how did I get here??? And I realized as I was watching that I had never gotten around to seeing the second Wolverine movie -- I don't think I even remember it being in theatres. Oh well. Anyway, I thought it was really good, and it was a pleasure to see Hugh Jackman acting his muscley heart out. Loved his stubborn, against his will, devotion to Xavier. I'm always a bit amused by the whole "gotta cross the border" plot device because I don't see how that's going to magically make someone safer. Also, I liked the ponies on the highway scene, although when they went home with that family I was like oh come on because that was obviously a death sentence. I did love Laura and hope we get to see her again.

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OMFG I love that show so much I cannot even.


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