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So, I haven't mentioned it (or have I? Now I can't remember and I'm too lazy to check past posts) but my remaining parental unit (my mother :D) has moved back to the US.

She and my dad retired about 8 years ago and because neither made any plans for retirement and only had social security and because they like to make life difficult for themselves, they moved to Mexico (Ensenada, an hour south of the border). For a few years now, I've been saying she needs to move back. But over the recent holiday I put my foot down and was like THIS HAS TO CHANGE. NOW.

Since my dad's passing, I've been telling her this can't continue, I didn't know how it was going to happen for her to move back, I just knew it had to happen. She has had to come up to LA regularly (like every other month) for doctor's visits and injections into her eye (wet MDG) and then over the thanksgiving/christmas time she was having serious blood pressure problems (variable blood pressure) she would constantly call in a panic about it, and when she comes up here she ends up staying with me for 2 weeks every visit. It was driving me insane. And it was unsustainable. And she's 70 fucking years old, driving all that way every other month on her own was getting more and more difficult. And also, I love her. I love my mom. But by the end of 2 weeks I want to kill her. And this is 2 weeks every other month! Not a once a year or couple times a year visit. This is every other fucking month. And I just couldn't do it anymore.

Anyway, long story short, when I finally made her realize (through a lot of tears. ugh, it was terrible) that this couldn't go on (because she fought me on it and fought me on it and fought me on and always denied that she was fighting me on it and I kept telling her if she wanted to move, the opportunity to move would appear because that's just how the universe works) she found a place in like no time, just like that, and has moved into a little converted garage she found through a friend of a friend, renting from a woman and her semi-famous 21 year old daughter. YUP.

And that's all a roundabout way to say that (now that she can call me and I can pop over to her place in 10 minutes..... this could be a good thing or a bad thing hahahaaaaaaaa) I accidentally went to the movies TWICE today. Because, I went to see Fate of the Furious, by myself, and didn't tell anyone because I'm jealous of my alone-movie time, and then she called me to see her new fridge and when I was there she wanted to go to the movies and so I ended up going to go see Gifted.


I've said before that I (unashamedly) lack any sort of critical facility when it comes to these films. I love them. I love every ridiculous second of every one of these dumb ass films and I don't care, all right? I just do.

~ Tej Parker, never leave me.

~ I just finished watching FNL, you know, so I'm going to go with Billy Riggins having some kind of random interaction with Hobbs in the past as being the source for using a maori dance to motivate his team. X-over of my heart.

~ Speaking of x-overs, I am even more convinced that Marvel and the Fast and Furious Films exist in the same universe.

~ Brian's (Paul's) absence was keenly felt. I didn't cry like I did with the 7th film, but if I hadn't' accidentally spoiled myself for the end reveal of Dom's baby's name I probably would have. As it was, it was a close thing.

~ Okay, I survived both Giselle's and Han's deaths, so I guess I can survive Elena's, but after the reveal of her and Dom's baby, and before Cipher had her killed, I was full on imagining Elena/Dom/Letty, and I don't know if I'm more upset that one must undead her to have that now and we won't get how gloriously practically canon it would have been, or that they had to go to the dead mother place because really, it's 2017, can we stop having the dead babymama plot device for our heroes already??? (okay, see, that's a legitimate criticism! I am capable of it! Still loved the movie though, despite that).

~ Roman Pearce, never leave me.

~ Speaking of Roman and Tej, I (secretly? not so secretly?) totally think they're (secretly? not so secretly?) banging. I do. So, with the introduction of Ramsey in the last film, I was like, oh no they're going to pair her with Tej, I just now it, and for the most part I was okay with that because I love her and can you say 3some and even without that, as the kids say these days, I love everyone in this bar. BUT how much do I love that they didn't go there! There wasn't even very much flirting! There was just that cute bit at the end and the tease of a 3some but then Ramsey was all like, NOPE and walked away. HAHA I love her. (also, isn't her last name Ramsey?)

~ But, I also thought that the Roman/Little Nobody chemistry was all sparks and rainbows. I totally, hands over heart, slash them. YES. I'm ready for the ultimately disappointing slash stories to start trickling in. Please and thank you.

~ I love Charlize! So, for the pleasure of watching her on screen, I was happy to see her cast in this. Can never forgive Cipher for killing Elena though. (except apparently I'm forgiving Deckard for killing Han..... oy.) She was mostly a bit generic for my tastes, but that's okay.

~ Deckard Shaw! Seriously, Dom's family just keeps growing! He's going to adopt every nefarious quasi-bad guy/girl isn't he? But Deckard killed Han, so I don't really know how in the family he really is. As long as Dom doesn't adopt Cipher. I don't think I can change direction on her. But I did love Deckard Shaw. Deckard Shaw and Mama Shaw! (aaaahhh Helen Mirren aaaaahhh) I'd be as equally excited about Owen Shaw but he was pretty much under-used. Which I'm not complaining about.

~ Deckard Shaw and the baby! Okay that was so gimmicky and I DON'T CARE. I ate it up with a spoon.

~ Baby Brian was so damn cute. And the final scene was lovely, and I love that these films end with a family dinner. <3 times infinity

My one serious complaint about watching Fate of the Furious is that I like to go to this nearby theatre that still has cheapy matinee prices and has lovely reclining seats but they don't light their films enough or something so the whole thing was Very Dark. Like, I can't see anyone on screen because it's not bright enough dark. Which means, I have a nice excuse to see it again sometime at less cheapy place before it goes away.

Gifted was also lovely! Without being saccharinely endearing, which I appreciate. I had planned to see it, just not today. But it happened anyway. And it was a bit of a whiplash after FotF but that's okay. It was such an emotionally satisfying film, and I agree with [personal profile] destina in everything she said about it. Also, can CE please act with Octavia Spencer in every non-mcu film (or mcu film, I don't care, find her a role) forever now? Please and thank you. Also also, Lindsey Duncan can pretty much act circles around everyone on the planet including CE (which, no shame, she's Lindsey Duncan ffs) but he held his own with her and it was great to see him challenged like that.
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