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I'm getting the impression that I better stay off social media if I don't want to be spoiled for GotG2 and the post credit scenes. /o\

Anyway.... on a completely different and yet weirdly related note, I decided to watch the most recent Jason Bourne movie, which I hadn't seen yet. And so, I'm sitting there, comfy in my bed, watching pretty much the same story over again (because let's face it, every single one of the Bourne movies has the same plot.... not that I'm complaining), and ruminating on the similarities between all brainwashed assassins.

Then I remember fondly my once upon a time amusement at my oft wished-for Jack Bauer/James Bond/Jack Bristow/Jason Bourne crossover. I STILL pine for this.

And THEN, I froze, and started laughing because damn it all to hell but James Bucky Barnes has the same gdamn initials. JEEZUS. So, now the assassin crossover of doom is JB/JB/JB/JB/JB! Let me write it out in all its glory: Jack Bauer/James Bond/Jack Bristow/Jason Bourne/James Barnes. TA DA! *jazz hands*

Okay, there was a kind of symmetry in a foursome assassin quartet, and a fifth lonely assassin throws the metric off, but the poor fellow can't be left in the wind on his own, now can he.

The possibilities! The angst! Can you imagine all of these broken down men all in one room? hahaaaa. Would it be a twosome/threesome thing? I vote for Bond/Barnes, and Jack/Jack/Jason.

But you can pretty much velcro them any which way. ENDLESS AMUSEMENT. I perversely want them to set up house together.

Really, the Bourne/Barnes similarities are ridiculous. They are practically the same character in very different universes, only poor Jason doesn't have an equivalent Steve or a Sam to help him, and the many different Peggys of the Bourne universe are all either of questionable ethics or killed. *pets*


In unrelated news, I have 2 different social events to go to today. I have a cough that won't go away. Weird allergy/ezcema? hasn't gone away yet either. Not sure when I can manage to go see GotG. Would have done it this morning if not for the 2 social events. And my apartment needs a good cleaning. I'm waiting on comments/notes back on my book and it's kind of driving me crazy. My land lord raised my rent. :/

Oh but hey I might be going to Spain in the late summer/early fall so that's good right? Also I've lost like 15/20 pounds because I can't eat anything anymore. Woo.


In further unrelated news, I am watching White Collar on Netflix, which I hadn't ever bothered with before. So cute! Such ripe OT3ness!

Much of it makes me pine for Leverage, though. Also, I'm smitten with all of the characters, but I'm currently on season 4 and I'm beginning to tire at the repetitiveness of the Peter/Neal dynamic (you know, Peter *wants* to trust Neal but can't, Neal *wants* to trust Peter but can't, rinse repeat). THIS is why Leverage is still king of the universe for me, because every season of Leverage brought character development. The relationships changed, and grew, and evolved.

But, it's very charming. Yay for built in ot3s.
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