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(sorry to disappear again, had a really busy weekend helping out one of my my trainers at a horse show.)

FINALLY, the end of the meme.

Day 30 - Favorite Character of Color

Copying [personal profile] killabeez again, because I can, here is a short list of some of my favorite characters of color.

clicky )

In other news, sending all my love to those attending VVC. Part of me wishes I could join you, but also part of me is a bit overwhelmed these days and am quite happy to hear about all the fun second hand.

I realized the other day that even if I had the wherewithal to attend VVC this year, I wouldn't have been able to anyway, since one of my closest friends is getting married this Friday, and therefore I have to be in San Diego most of the weekend. This is how out of it I am -- the significance of the two events occuring on the same weekend didn't even cross my mind until about two weeks ago. haha. So, it all works out in the end.

[1] Um, how is it that I've seen Star Trek: Voyager at least 3 times all the way through and don't have a memory of the episode entitled "Author, Author"? And the creation of the character Katanay in the Doctor's holonovel Photons Be Free? I'm... speechless.
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Day 29 - Saddest character death

Copying [personal profile] killabeez, since I don't particularly have a current television obsession at the moment, I'll answer this question first.

Let's cut away, just in case )
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Day 28 - First TV show obsession

If we're talking obsession coupled with fannish type activity (i.e. reading fanfic, recording/rewatching episodes, attending conventions) then my first TV show obsession is The X-Files. It was a first in all those things. *g* and occupied the forefront of my (tv related) thoughts for a good number of years. It had me so firmly by the throat for so long, I almost got in a huge fight with my best friend when she messed up a recording of one of the season premieres. I went to my first show specific convention for it, and the first fanfic I ever read was Mulder/Skully. AND the first slash I ever read was Mulder/Skinner. Gateway show. haha. And then, rather abruptly, the obsession just sort of ended. I still haven't fully watched the last season of The X-Files.

Prior to The X-Files in my life, I was a fan of many a TV show, but never do much with it other than watch it every chance I got. There are two that come to mind, MacGyver and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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(quick answer today, busy busy)

Day 27 - Best pilot episode

I actually don't think too many pilots stand up very well, but the pilot for Friday Night Lights is the first that immedietly comes to mind, for me. I'm behind on the show at the moment, but few tv shows were so nearly perfect as that first season of FNL, and the pilot for the series was right up there.

Other pilots that I really liked were for Battlestar Galactica (which was sneaky, being a back-door pilot), and Rome and Deadwood. I'm sort of drawing a blank on others....
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Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale

I have two answers for this. One silly, one for reals. The silly answer )

The real answer )
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Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new)

Gosh, so many! The main one that comes to mind is The Wire, which I've been wanting to watch for ages now, but I guess just haven't had the time yet or something else took precedence, for one reason or another.

I have a hankering to rewatch all of MacGyver and The A-Team, and each time I see anything about the new Hawaii Five-O, I kind of want to check out the original series, which I wasn't allowed to watch as a child. I'm still limping through Classic Who at less than a snail's pace. I also stalled out on my watch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (I know it's supposed to be the more critically acclaimed of the ST spin offs, but I can never seem to get into it...)

I just started Burn Notice, which is a lot of fun. [profile] unovis_lj gave me Sons of Anarchy, so that's on the list.

One day I'll check out Justified and Treme.
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Best quote, continued:

Family Guy is not a show for everyone, but it never fails to make me laugh. Nothing is a sacred topic on Family Guy, everything is ridiculed or parodied. Often they cross the line, and it's all very cringey, but then brilliant at the same time. I'm picking more or less neutral quotes that work (sort of) out of context.

Lois: Oh, what about this, Meg? A pink baby-tee that says "Little Slut." That seems pretty hip.
Meg: I don't know if that's really me, Mom.
Lois: Well, they've got one that says "Porn Star" and another that says "Sperm Dumpster." And they're all written in glitter.
Meg: All right, all right. Give me "Sperm Dumpster."
Lois: That's the spirit!

more Family Guy quotes )
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Day 24 - Best quote

I love quotes!

Star Trek: Voyager )

24 )

Wiseguy )

Doctor Who (Ninth Doctor) )

Dracula: The Series )

and finally, last but not least... Highlander: The Series )
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Day 23 - Most annoying character

There are probably several answers to this question, but the one that immediately pops into mind and stays there is Reginald Barclay. I find every episode that features him, which are a damned lot of them in multiple series, tedious at best. I find nothing likable in his character, aside from some lingering affection for Dwight Schultz from his Murdock days, and kind of actively want him tossed out an airlock or conveniently forgotten on a planet somewhere. There's only one episode that features Lt. Barclay that I think is worth it and that's The Nth Degree, largely because he's not himself in it. haha.
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Day 22 - Favorite series finale

I had to think about this one for a while and then I realized I sort of answered it already by accident in a previous post. The Office UK not only has my favorite kiss, but it also has one of the most satisfying endings for a televisions how I've ever watched. I literally jumped up and down with glee.

Most TV shows, even the ones that end really well, I always want more, or somethings could have been done better, or there are things left unresolved (and that can be good or bad), or there's a longing, or a sadness (again sometimes good and bad), but The Office UK is the only show I can think of that ends perfect. There's not a wrong step, and I've rarely been more thrilled, and more happy and just plain satisfied. And I was also happily done. I didn't particularly need more, or want more, it was just absolutely perfect.

Other finales that come close:

Ashes To Ashes -- Bittersweet, and heartbreaking, but so well done, and all the questions were answered!

24 -- I could not have asked for a better final season, or a better finale for 24. The acting was stunning, the characters were soaked in blood but alive and what's more true to themselves. My one regret was that Tony wasn't there, but clearly Jack's off to go find him. YES HE IS. After 8 seasons of torture, betrayal, death, and sacrifice, it was awesome to witness the end of pretty amazing tv show, and watch it end well.
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Day 21 - Favorite ship

I'm assuming by "ship", we mean any pairing? I never know what qualifies as a 'ship. Is it canonical, is it het pairings or slash pairings, is it any pairing at all, is it only a 'ship if it has a certain amount of fiction/fans? Can I, by virtue of having two people get it on in a story, thereby declare it a 'ship? This 'ship business is silly. lol.

This one's going to be without supporting evidence. The answer's fairly obvious, in any case. :) Why yes, my favorite 'ship is indeed Duncan/Methos. I could go on and on about why, but the main reason is simply that I like them a whole lot. One might even say that I adore them, and they're cute, and fun to write. And as a pairing (and a fandom), there's a lot to mine and explore.

And there are several runners up:

Chakotay/Paris (enemyslash? really?)
Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy (oh wait, that's not a TV show...)
The Doctor/Rose (yes yes, go ahead and make fun of me)
Jack Bauer/Tony Almeida
Vinnie Terranova/Roger Lococco
Elizabeth Swann/Captain Jack Sparrow (oh wait, that's not a TV show, either...)
Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn
Alex Drake/ Gene Hunt
Dorothy/Ozma (oh wait...)

And probably several others that I'm blanking on.
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This has been bothering me all day! In my previous post about favorite kisses, I forgot a very important kiss! And I couldn't edit to add at work, because we are not allowed to stream any video anymore (which is very close to agony, believe me) and I wanted to have the clip.

How could I forget my favorite Doctor Who kiss?? After this episode aired, I lost count of how many times I watched this entire scene over and over again. Without fail, it always made me laugh. Still does. DONNA ILU.

Phew! There. I feel much better now. haha.
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Day 20 - Favorite kiss

I think most of what I would consider a "favorite kiss" have occurred in film, not television. I'm thinking of the great kiss in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann.

But, here are a few kisses (and not kisses!) that stay with me. kisses! )
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Day 19 - Best TV show cast

A good cast is not only about acting ability. It's a lot more subtle than that. Chemistry is important, of course, but that's a given. Harmony is needed, but that's also obvious. You need all those things, but you also need more, you need less, you need something else. Sometimes I think you not only need chemistry amongst your actors, you need chemistry amongst your characters. You need chemistry between the showrunners and the material being written. And in all of this, you need FREEDOM. In short, you need a lot of luck. You can have the best cast in the world, with the best chemistry, with everyone getting along, and the show can be crap. It's all very undefinable.

For me, I think I choose to answer this question by picking those TV shows for which my affection for the cast (of actors, of characters) just bubbles with love.

The first that pops up in my mind are the cast of both Star Trek: Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. Both of these shows are flawed, and the cast was not perfect. ST: VOY in particular became somewhat fractured as the series continued, but they're near and dear to my heart, and I love them truly. For ever and ever.

Also, Alias. I love this show. I loved it from the very beginning, to the very end, and a large part of that was the cast.

Leverage must be mentioned, because I want nothing more than to draw hearts and flowers all over that cast and hug them and squeeze them and call them george and play dress up with them and feed them, and pet them.

However, at this moment, I think the winner to this question has to be Ashes to Ashes. It has a core cast of 5, and they were all, every last one of them, OUTSTANDING, all the way through. I should probably say more, but I'm still processing all of series 3, which I inhaled practically all in one go on Monday.
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Day 14 - Favorite male character

Maurice Lalonde, from Highlander, naturally.

KIDDING. haha. I funny.

All right, all right, my favorite male character is non other than this guy. [personal profile] killabeez said all the reasons why in her post here. Anything I say will be redundant. He is Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. There can be only one! But there can also be a few runners-up. *g*

5 other male characters that I love, too )

Day 15 - Favorite female character

This one is harder for me as I love to gather female characters close and cherish them equally.

Awesome Female Characters are Awesome )
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Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

This was surprisingly difficult to answer. I watched a fair amoutn of television as a child, but hardly ever as a true avid follower. And I wasn't allowed to watch much with substance or high dramaor adult themes, so mostly it was limited to cartoons and sitcoms. I know I watched The Cosby Show and Family Ties rather religously, but I'm reluctant to say they were my favorite just because it was convenient family viewing.

Some other TV shows that I loved as a kid were Fraggle Rock and The A-Team (haven't seen the movie yet! kind of want to...) and Highway to Heaven (mostly because it had Pa and Mr. Edwards). My parents watched Hart to Hart. I also recall being *fascinated* by Knight Rider when it first came out.

In high school, which I feel isn't quite truly childhood, there's no question my favorite TV show is a tie between MacGyver and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was IN LOVE with MacGyver, and had the biggest crush on Data. *g* Quatum Leap was always a great favorite, too.

But, I think, upon reflection, there is actually a true answer to this question. My favorite TV show as a child has to be Little House on the Prairie. I LOVED this show. Still do. I loved it so much I read all the books and built fantasies about it, read biographies, etc.
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(sorry about disappearing for a bit -- work and life and parents and scary dental appointments interceded)

Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

I had to think about this for a bit, as I'm actually not sure how many times I've watched certain TV shows or episodes of TV shows. I must have watched if not the entire series than most of Highlander more than 5 times. And during my ST: TOS days I'm sure I watched some of those episodes several times, particularly if I was writing a story relating to an episode. But, upon much thought, I think I have an answer:

X-Files / One Breath )


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