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Tomorrow I get on a plane and fly all the way to SPAIN!

This is the plan:

1. board the plane
2. fly to Madrid
3. take a train to Alicante
4. Hang out for 5 days. Eat. Drink. See things. Play on the beach or in the pool. Look fabulous.
5. Fly to Majorca.
6. Hang out for 3 days. Eat. Drink. See things. Play on the beach or in the pool. Look fabulous.
7. Fly back to Madrid.
8. Hang out for 3 days. Eat. Drink. See things. Look fabulous.
9. board the plane back home.


I saw that King Arthur Legend of the Sword movie the other day. What a goofy movie. But, despite it being as far from King Arthur as I've ever seen, I did love the more multicultural cast/knights of the round table thing, and then spent most of the movie marveling at Charlie Hunnum and Aiden Gillen together again on my screen looking even hotter than ever. Like way hotter than in QAF! Especially Charlie who was just barely an adult in QAF. And now Aiden is all charmingly crinkly and silver-foxish. ugh.

Love this bit of an interview I found online with CH.

How did it feel to be acting with Aidan Gillen for the first time since Queer As Folk?

He seemed exactly the same. He has still got a real magic to him and he’s every bit as eccentric and beautiful and weird as he always was. I’ve always been cognisant that I owed Aidan a huge debt of gratitude, being exposed to his level of craftsmanship and integrity at the start of my career. He was a very powerful guiding force to me.

Your scenes together in King Arthur have a lot of innuendo. Was that deliberate?

Ha! Not that I was aware of. What are you referring to?

You tell him: “I want to get my arse out of here.” He tells the others: “Leave him alone with me.” Then you say: “Put your ring back on, Honeytits.”

It hadn’t occurred to me, but you’re right. Maybe Russell (5) came in to do some secret script doctoring on that scene.

<3 <3 <3


Completely coincidently I swear I finally started watching Sons of Anarchy. Which.... I don't know. I expected to like a lot more than I do, tbh.

I'm hanging in though, muscling my way through. I like some of the characters -- Tara, Opie, Jax, and bizarrely Chibs for some reason. At least so far. I have found I don't tend like a show all the way through usually. Like, I started out loving White Collar and then kind of got annoyed with it well before it ended. It's the rare show that I love from beginning to end, usually because they torpedo the characters. I can count the tv shows I love unconditionally in one hand. (Highlander! Leverage! Star Trek Voyager/Next Gen!... MCU might count if we're counting films. But it's easy to pick and choose with the MCU, and it's not done yet so verdict is still out)

I thought the Shakespeare/Hamlet touches would be an automatic win for me, but really I just find Charming suffocating. And the physical and emotional abuse of women is exhausting to watch. Also, also, they kill like EVERY latina woman on this show I swear. They are always lying dead full of bullet holes.


Also continuing my habit of only watching TV shows long after they're off the air and everyone is no longer watching anymore and no one gives a damn, enjoying my Amazon subscription I started watching Justified with the every charming Timothy Olyphant. <3

Now, if I didn't already love Timothy for Deadwood and Seth Bullock, I absolutely loved him for his wacky yet devoted portrayal of Joel in The Santa Clarita Diet. One gets the sense that Timothy really loves doing comedy but got somewhat pigeon-holed as the broody western gunslinger type haha.

I'm liking Justified so far, and am amused that I started out hating Boyd but then kind of ended up mostly loving him! Walton Goggins man, who knew. Also I love Tim Gutterson. And Rachel. End of story.

But, this is another show where its possible they're going to make me hate everyone before it ends, or kill people, so we'll see.


Rebreaking/replotting second novel continues apace. I'm being all fancy and using color coded index cards!


In other other news, the sister drama continues.

I was planning on emailing her the very helpful suggestions I got from you all and from other friends, but then some even greater fall out occurred between her and my mom, and terrible emails were sent and sister girl seemed even more fragile and in a bad place than before. So, I didn't want to send her another email on top of all that pretending like I didn't know what was going on and also telling her I can't help her. Didn't seem like the time. Anyway, she's not speaking to my mom again. I'm not sure she's speaking to me either. I did email her to wish her a happy birthday and opted not to tell her I'm going to spain. :/


EEP. It's past 11 AM already. I still have sooooo much to do!
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So, I haven't mentioned it (or have I? Now I can't remember and I'm too lazy to check past posts) but my remaining parental unit (my mother :D) has moved back to the US.

She and my dad retired about 8 years ago and because neither made any plans for retirement and only had social security and because they like to make life difficult for themselves, they moved to Mexico (Ensenada, an hour south of the border). For a few years now, I've been saying she needs to move back. But over the recent holiday I put my foot down and was like THIS HAS TO CHANGE. NOW.

Since my dad's passing, I've been telling her this can't continue, I didn't know how it was going to happen for her to move back, I just knew it had to happen. She has had to come up to LA regularly (like every other month) for doctor's visits and injections into her eye (wet MDG) and then over the thanksgiving/christmas time she was having serious blood pressure problems (variable blood pressure) she would constantly call in a panic about it, and when she comes up here she ends up staying with me for 2 weeks every visit. It was driving me insane. And it was unsustainable. And she's 70 fucking years old, driving all that way every other month on her own was getting more and more difficult. And also, I love her. I love my mom. But by the end of 2 weeks I want to kill her. And this is 2 weeks every other month! Not a once a year or couple times a year visit. This is every other fucking month. And I just couldn't do it anymore.

Anyway, long story short, when I finally made her realize (through a lot of tears. ugh, it was terrible) that this couldn't go on (because she fought me on it and fought me on it and fought me on and always denied that she was fighting me on it and I kept telling her if she wanted to move, the opportunity to move would appear because that's just how the universe works) she found a place in like no time, just like that, and has moved into a little converted garage she found through a friend of a friend, renting from a woman and her semi-famous 21 year old daughter. YUP.

And that's all a roundabout way to say that (now that she can call me and I can pop over to her place in 10 minutes..... this could be a good thing or a bad thing hahahaaaaaaaa) I accidentally went to the movies TWICE today. Because, I went to see Fate of the Furious, by myself, and didn't tell anyone because I'm jealous of my alone-movie time, and then she called me to see her new fridge and when I was there she wanted to go to the movies and so I ended up going to go see Gifted.


Fate of the Furious )

My one serious complaint about watching Fate of the Furious is that I like to go to this nearby theatre that still has cheapy matinee prices and has lovely reclining seats but they don't light their films enough or something so the whole thing was Very Dark. Like, I can't see anyone on screen because it's not bright enough dark. Which means, I have a nice excuse to see it again sometime at less cheapy place before it goes away.

Gifted was also lovely! Without being saccharinely endearing, which I appreciate. I had planned to see it, just not today. But it happened anyway. And it was a bit of a whiplash after FotF but that's okay. It was such an emotionally satisfying film, and I agree with [personal profile] destina in everything she said about it. Also, can CE please act with Octavia Spencer in every non-mcu film (or mcu film, I don't care, find her a role) forever now? Please and thank you. Also also, Lindsey Duncan can pretty much act circles around everyone on the planet including CE (which, no shame, she's Lindsey Duncan ffs) but he held his own with her and it was great to see him challenged like that.
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Before I get into a post that is all about me me me, I want to say I am deeply saddened by the news about Taselby and her daughter. I've been in tears about it since I heard, devastated on her behalf, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family at this time, sending as much healing and love as I can. I'm very proud of us in fandom for helping. As I'm sure most of you are already aware because I'm late in posting this, here is the link to the GoFundMe page to help out with costs for the funeral, etc.

<3 <3 <3


Life is crazy! I am remembering with envy that really silly TV show from when I was a kid about the blonde teenager who's dad was an alien, so she was half alien, and her special powers were freezing time. I think it was called Wishing on a Star. I wish I could freeze time.

Scenes from my hectic nutty life:

~ I've been wanting to move for over a year now and suddenly in mid-October I was like, "let's do this!" And not 3 weeks later I'm in a new place. Bye bye old apt. Hello, new pretty apt! :D :D :D

~ Last friday while moving stuff into my car to take to goodwill, I tripped? slipped? was attacked by a ghost? I don't know, and fell down a couple of steps, sprained my ankle. Same foot and same type of strain (same staircase, too) from the last time I did this. This was at the old place. :( :( :(

~ The new place is less than 10 minutes from the barn, and less than 10 minutes from all my friends. Same commute time to work, but there is talk of my work moving to the same neighborhood, less than 10 minutes away. IF THAT HAPPENS I WILL HAVE A TEN MINUTE COMMUTE. Pray for this. :D :D :D

~ In my absentmindedness while going to the hardware store to get caulk to patch holes from hanging stuff on the walls, I got a parking ticket. :( :( :(

~ One way to get around a sprained ankle when wanting to horseback ride is riding bareback! Although getting on and off the horse was still adventurous, the ride itself was a lot of fun. I've ridden bareback several times but not frequently enough for it not to still be a thrill each time I do it. The mare I rode last night was like riding a couch, although she's a bit boney in the withers so posting the trot bareback was.... unpleasant lol. Ow my lady parts. Her sitting trot and canter are a lot of fun though. :D :D :D

~ The movers couldn't get my couch in through the front door of my new apartment. It's a taller couch (or I guess really, a wider couch. whatever, it's long) and the hallway is not that high or wide. They just couldn't get the right angle to pull it in from underneath. :( :( :(

~ I'm getting a new couch! :D :D :D

~ I had thought the day that I booked the movers was Monday, but I was wrong and it was Tuesday, so there was me, ready to go at 8AM Monday, twiddling my thumbs. :( :( :(

~ After the mix up was realized, the movers came Tuesday! Yay. Only I had a hair appointment set up for 4:30 on Tuesday and because I thought moving day was Monday, I never canceled it. Consequently, amidst the chaos of moving day, I kept my hair appointment, somehow, miraculously not being late. So, the result is that my hair looks FABULOUS! :D :D :D

~ My new landlord, who's this weirdly professorial type older gentleman with A LOT of hilarious characteristics that I can't go into right now, tapped on my door while the cable guys were setting up the new cable to tell me that the movers had damaged the elevator and he was not pleased. He showed me the damage, which was like a 1 inch/ inch and a half, maybe, thin gash. O.O I was like, I don't know what to do about that, and he said the movers have to pay for it, and I was like...... I did text the movers (great guys, I really love my movers) and of course they denied they did it. I emailed this to the landlord, and his response was that it was not true! With Exclamation Points! And that's where I left it. Last night when I came home I saw that the gash had been treated. OY. :( :( :(

~ I bought a new TV finally! Gone with the old box TV, in with a new 40 inch flat screen smart TV, so I can be like all the rest of the known world, really. :D :D :D

~ While setting up the new cable, internet and TV for me, the cable guys discovered that my brand new TV was damaged in shipping. :( :( :(

~ I bought the TV through Amazon, so the return has been easy, and a new replacement TV is on it's way to me soon! Let's hope this one isn't damaged, too. :D :D :D

~ Speaking of my new landlord, he uses one of the apartments on the second floor as an office, and in the directory of the building outside (you know, where you get buzzed in) it lists his office apartment under the name Geomancy, then his name. Geomancy is some kind of study/divination practice of the placement of buildings or something. I think he might be a wizard! ? ? ?

~ My new apartment is a loft apartment with a spiral staircase! That I really hope I don't totally wipe out on and accidentally kill myself. It's actually not any bigger in terms of square footage, but it has high high ceilings, laminate flooring on the first floor, two bathrooms, and a better kitchen. And most importantly, central air. There's also a pool and a "gym." (if 2 pieces of equipment can be called a gym). :D :D :D

~ Rents in the Los Angeles area are out of control! I should have moved a year ago. I'm paying right at the top of my budget for this new place, and it still needs a good updating to match the price I'm paying, imo. OY. But, anything less came without parking or laundry or something. I might be living off rice and chicken for a while. :/ :/ :/

~ This sounds like one of those radio commercials, but I switched auto insurance to Geico and I'm saving like $70 bucks a month, which, with all the added expenses right now, is really useful. I did have to drop my loan/lease payout option, though, because Geico doesn't offer that, but I'm right on the cusp of not needing that anymore anyway. :D :D :D

~I do not have any serious complaints about Progressive other than with my new zip code, my insurance went up like $40. I have a high premium because I pay for my mom and she had a couple of tickets this year (not even really her fault. she got targeted by the same cop at a stop sign, TWICE, poor thing) And I was like, wha???? I'm moving AWAY from the ghetto here, and into a nice neighborhood. What? I was going to deal with it but then decided to just check around. And THEN, when I went to cancel, I didn't lie about why I was leaving, which maybe I should have, because they charged me with a $50 cancelation fee. I didn't even think that that would happen. I've canceled insurances in the past and was never charged. Googled around and saw that this is a thing Progressive does. grrr. It's probably somewhere in their t&c :( :( :(

~ I got one of those fancy stand up desks at work, so now I do the stand up/sit down/stand up/sit down game, which is actually a little hard with a sprained ankle whoops. :D :D :D

~ I've gotten no writing done on either my HL shortcut story or the couple of MCU stories I want to get done. /o\ /o\ /o\

So excited for Spectre! Still in love with MCU. It's remarkably freeing not having a TV at the moment. I'm drowning in boxes, though, and I've not had one moment to really start unpacking. . Still have furniture at the old place I need to sell/get rid of. Life without a couch is also really weird. Luckily I have a small armchair. Don't know when i'm going to be able to get a couch.
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Is Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D worth it? Do I need to watch it in order to greater appreciate the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I get a sort of indifferent vibe about it on my friend's list - most of you seem kind of just okay with it, not over the moon. But that's just a cursory impression. Should I bother? Do I need to? Are important things revealed? I do love Agent Coulson, but not so much that I need more of him or anything, so I have been mostly uninterested in Agents of SHIELD. But, then I get curious.

cut just in case )


In other words, things are NUTS over here, but in a generally good way. Most of it isn't even book stuff, just regular life/work stuff. OY.

Still rewatching The X-Files. Mulder is a goober. Scully is lovely. And watching MCU! Fun! Not reading much, though. No time to read! argh!

Also, rewatching Highlander, which is like coming home. love love love. I am sort of working on my hl_shortcuts story? Sort of? If thinking really hard is working? Isn't it? I say it is.

I had minor dental surgery for receding gums (not graft, but pinhole/collagen fibers whatever) last week and it was HORRID. Successful, but lord it was uncomfortable and like 2 hours of torture. And 6 weeks of recovery. WHUT? We still have to do the upper gums, but I am going to put that off for a while considering I can't do a 6 week recovery thing for the early part of the year at least. ugh.
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So, this is where we're at:

~ Mom's gall bladder surgery SUCCESS. woo hoo. The surgery itself was a breeze but she was very sick afterward from the drugs for a couple of days, but she was pretty much a new woman 2 weeks after the surgery.

~ I love my mom, but after a more than a month long visit staying with me the entire time, I almost wept with happiness and relief when she finally returned to her home. Seriously, I was giddy with FREEDOM. It's been a couple of weeks now, and I'm still just over the moon when I get to be home for an evening and I get my apartment to myself. lol.

~ While Mom was here, we watched all of Haven on Netflix. I just love their faces. It's not in the least bit like Leverage (and in my opinion Leverage is a more neatly held together show and has a stronger family theme that makes it TOPS in my book) but it hits the exact same happy spot in my heart as Leverage. Could be the threesome thing. Probably. ;)

~ I finally (finally) caved and started an X-Files rematch on Netflix. I blame Tumblr. But, you guys, this is monumental! I watched X-Files first run in college and now I am older than either DD or GA were when they were on the show. It's a total mind boogie. But I have not watched these episodes in the meantime. I have not watched some of these episodes in more than 20 years. OY.

~ So, like, when I first started watching X-Files way back long ago, I watched it fully in the Mulder camp. I mean, that I believed what he believed. I was like poor Mulder, no one believes him! Why is everyone so mean to him! (Although I loved Scully and never minded that she was a "non believer") Now, I'm watching it, especially season 1, and I'm like whoa, Mulder, pull it back some there, not everything is alien related. Except that it kind of is.

~ I find, 20 years later and with the advantage of some age, that Mulder was way too trusting and that Scully was absolutely right to be as skeptical and non-believing as she was. However, the show is written in such a way that Mulder is always right even when he doesn't have the right to be, and that makes Scully, as the skeptic, always wrong, even though she is really always totally right. It's kind of annoying. As the mytharc progresses, though, most of that starts to even out.

~ But in actually, my love for Mulder and Scully (Mulder/Scully!!!), goes deep. Like cellular level deep. Part of my genetic make-up deep.

~ Scully FTW. ILU SCULLY. "Please explain to me the scientific nature of the 'whammy'."

~ The cockroach episode is still the most revolting hour of TV ever.

~ I am also having a lot of fun joining in on the Highlander Rewatch over at [personal profile] killabeez journal. Season 1 should just be renamed the 'Tessa Is Better Than You' tv show.

~ It's like I'm stuck in the 90s! Which is I guess an improvement from that time I was stuck in the 70s.

~ Along with the X-Files rematch and the Highlander rewatch, I am totally enjoying the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Clearly I have a thing for found families! Not certain if this will survive the upcoming films -- this isn't a TV show but it's still very much a "live" fandom where things could still go sideways -- and also it's like years out. Not sure I have the staying power all the way into 2019 or whatever.
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Quick post to say I have a new macbook pro. It is super shnazzy, although it's still not upgraded to mavericks because I don't have the latest ms office and if word fails me I am doomed. So it's not the retina display macbook but the slightly older version, and I got a deal for the 8gb of ram and 750 gb hd version from macmall so I think that's okay . I have to put it down so I can sleep.

I also bought a new (really new, 2014 new) car a week ago last monday. Compared to my old car it's like a star ship or something. No seriously, it's like I'm in the future! Well, at least I'm now in the current decade.

I think that's it for new purchases for a while. I had slight buyers remorse with both because well I have like an inch of wiggle room in my budget. But yay. I got another 10% raise this year so I think I can make it all work along with book advance and tax return. woo? hoo!

I definitely needed a new computer. And my old one will make a good back up.
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I actually went to go see it back in december but am now just getting around to writing about it. Such is life.

I have a friend whose opinion I generally respect a great deal, who posted on facebook how much he loathed this film. He's a huge Tolkien fan, and as far as I could remember he loved the first 3 LotR films. And then, I saw many of my online friend's comments on LJ who seemed to really love the film. So I had no idea what to expect! But since I was NOT a fan of the first LotR films, yet I did rather enjoy the first Hobbit film, I really didn't stress my head over it. Long since gone are the days when I cared what Peter Jackson did with these books. But I was curious.

Also, amusedly, since I was a wee kid back when I read The Hobbit the first time, I have always pronounced Smaug like Smog. So, I have been saying to people, "Oh, I'm going to see that Smog film," or "I saw that Smog film. You know, Smog, the dragon," and I get this blank look. haha.

Random thoughts. I mostly really liked it. )


In other news, things continue over here. My mother has had a cerebral angiogram so the docs can have a look at her special brain. We hoped this would clear her for general anesthesia so she can have the gallbladder surgery, but no luck. They want another MRI or something. Oi.

Meanwhile, she's planning on going out of the country for a couple of months, so many of these things will have to be delayed.

I bought her an iPad mini for Christmas. Instructing my mother on how to use an iPad has been... fun? lol.

I am... almost done editing. By almost I mean not really done at all, but done with the big stuff anyway. Yay!?

I am also thinking of buying a new car. Soonish.

I fell down the stairs carrying a GIANT bag of laundry and hurt my food. It is nearly all better now, though I have a smallish lump on the side and my toes are still bruised. It was pretty banged up, and as I lay on the ground cursing my first thought was "Oh fuck I can't ride tomorrow," haha. Only, I did ride. I rode on it all bruised and swollen and stuff all that week, because I am a badass. No actually, while it was pretty bad, it was okay to walk on and stuff, so I figured it was okay to ride.

I have been watching Scandal with my mom while she's in town. I never would have watched this if she hadn't wanted to. I am of two minds about this show. I like it sometimes. I mostly like Olivia Pope, I like her team, but then I find it immensely frustrating and ridiculously predictable. I'm too lazy to do another cut tag, so maybe I'll talk about it in anther post sometime.
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What I learned from the film Gravity:

Do not go into space without transporters or a working deflector array.

quick thoughts )


Happy day after Thanksgiving! It was nice to be in the U.S. for the holiday. My mom is in town, seeing some doctors (we're back on track for the gallbladder surgery, although my mother's very special brain my still derail everything).

I have finished watching Xena: Warrior Princess, which is a great relief because for a while there it seemed that I was not going to get out of "ancient" greece. I know the way it ended was upsetting for fans (and [personal profile] killabeez, I took your advice and did not watch the ending as the ending), which I can see why. Although after years of hearing about Xena but never watching, the anticipation of the end made the whole thing anti-climatic -- also I largely guessed what would happen. But whatever, I can cross that off my list. ai ai ai ai aiiii )

I am now catching up on Haven, season 4, which I LOVE. I'm about six episodes in.

my trouble would be something like all the people I find annoying turn into sweet ponies or something )


Nov. 2nd, 2013 08:47 pm
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Hello good peoples! I am here, and doing well. Been meaning to post and thank everyone for the comments on my previous post. I read each one of them and they meant a lot, so thank you.

quick update on the fam )


I was very sorry to read about [profile] suzecarol. I got to know her a little bit in the Highlander fandom. She had a larger-than-life personality, a tad intimidating, always funny, and she was very kind and encouraging to me personally, and I remember her fondly and with much love.


From just before my father's death, till now, I have been watching episodes of Clean House on netflix. For some reason, only a few seasons are available for streaming, but I suppose that's all right. I don't know what I'm going to do without it!! I've never been one for these sorts of reality televisions make-over shows, and I couldn't tell you a) how Clean House ended up on my netlfix queue, or b) what made me click on it and start watching. But let me tell you it was a God send during the more stressful weeks! And also, I feel like a paragon of housecleaning in comparison. haha. Anyway, I had fun tv crushes on almost everyone of the Clean House team. :D


Clean House sort of took over there for a bit, and it was literally the only thing I could watch (well, that and Star Trek Voyager.) but I have recommenced my Xena: Warrior Princess watching and have finally arrived at season 6, most of the gods have been killed and I'm wondering how it's all going to end. I admit it was a bit of a push to get through those earlier seasons but I have liked most of seasons 4 and 5. Although, I was GREATLY DISAPPOINTED that netflix doesn't have "Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire" for streaming. It skips right over it. WTF? Darned music rights. I was so looking forward to Jace! And I am a bit bummed about Joxer. :(


There is a new Star Trek tv show filming. Star Trek: Renegades. I am both excited and terrified. /o\ Mostly terrified, I'm not gonna lie.

Incidentally, the actress who played Eve in Xena is a captain in Renegades, so that's cool. And Tuvok's in it, which is also cool.


Everything else is pretty groovy over here. Still horseback riding. Editing and horseback riding, that's my life. Did my second jump show last weekend and did not disgrace myself, so yay. Video was taken but I haven't gotten it yet. Hopefully once I do get it I'll figure out how to share it.

I rode one of my favorite ponies today. His name is Sharky, but affectionately called Pigpen because he is a slob. He is an almost all white Pony of the Americas, who was probably cut late because he is studish and likes to mount other horses. He does not discriminate but mounts mares and geldings, big and small. Considering he's just barely 14 hands, seeing him go for the ass of an 18 hand gelding is both hilarious and ridiculous. He is also hung like an 18 hand horse. I mean, it's like a third leg back there. When he drops, it's kind of obscene, and HUGE. We had him tested to make sure he wasn't still a stallion, you know the kind that didn't drop their testicles, but no, he's fully cut, so we give him girly hormones to reduce the studishness and basically turn him into a mare, but it doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. So he's full of himself, cute, a good jumper, excellent western horse, a total brat, likes to stick out his tongue, is randy, and a slob. <3 <3
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Here I am with another quick update for you, my most dearest of friends. All you VVC folks, I thought of you all weekend! And knew you were all having a great time and that made me happy. I actually bought a supporting membership, so I'm looking forward to receiving a shiny new DVD.

Unfortunately, there isn't much of fun below the cut, although it's nothing too dire.

In no particular order: )

In more fannish news...

I went to see Pacific Rim, without realizing it had giant robots and giant lizards in it.... And well, Nathan is all grown up! Mostly I thought the film was a bit exhausting, but good fun. Not at all fannish about it. My biggest complaint, though, is why weren't there any girl/girl teams? wtf.

Then, I also went to watch World War Z, which was super stressful omg! I was basically a pretzel the entire time watching. I liked this film better than Pacific Rim, but it kind of fell apart for me a little at the end, but still, it was pretty cool.

I finished all of Fringe, which was great. I was worried )

I also watched all of Game of Thrones, which... I don't know. Am I the only one that has major issues with GoT? Not really enjoying it.

I also started watching Xena on Netflix, which I had never really watched before outside of an episode here or there. It's totally ridiculous, which I knew going in, and you know, mostly I find it a bit of a chore to keep watching actually, but I do love Xena and Gabrielle and they're not-really-text-but-more-than-subtext relationship. It's funny watching all those New Zealand actors popping up right and left...

Tumblr has me almost caving on doing an X-Files rewatch. I've resisted so far... But you know what they say about resistance.

Still happy rewatching Star Trek: Voyager. This show is like a warm, fuzzy blanket. My love for Janeway has pretty much exploded and I'm not sorry. Back in the day, although I always loved her, I wasn't really into reading J/C but now I find myself reading J/C babyfic and god help me WANTING MORE. Yes. Which is only outshone in my desire for Janeway/Paris babyfic, which god help me I WANT EVEN MORE and there's far fewer of it although there is some. Now you know my secret and can judge me accordingly. And although there is one or two J/C/P fics out there, no one has written the fic of my heart. SADNESS.

Aside from controlling my raging star trek voyager addiction, I find myself STILL thinking about the Fast and the Furious films. So far, they've been my favorite thing this summer. I did finally get to see Tokyo Drift, which was a better film than I thought it would be, although the thing that I DO NOT WANT was a harsh reminder at the end. :( I'm too lazy to do another cut tag, but I leave you with this image: Han and Gisele.

FYI, I think Sung Kang is obscenely good looking. Like, holy smokes, mister, do something about that because you're blinding.
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Now, a more substantive post than my last.

I hope everyone is doing well! I do read my f-list regularly, but I know I miss things. So, tell me anything you want that you think I should know! I want to know.

So, on to fannish things!

I have finally finished all 3 books of The Hunger Games Trilogy: President Snow came a-knocking )

Yes. Well.

And then, I finally managed to go see Ironman 3 this friday. Thank goodness. I was getting desperate, avoiding spoilers! Also, this'll tell you how very well my blinders work in my attempt to remain spoiler free, because I had no idea Shane Black had co-written and directed Ironman 3. No, it's true, I had no idea. And then I was really desperate to watch it because everyone was going on and on about Shane Black and comparing Ironman 3 to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is only my favorite movie ever. No, for serious. There's this very interesting article, "Shane Black Solves his Third-Act Problem", which I recommend.

Anyway, I don't have anything very critical or important to say about Ironman 3 except I loved it all. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is still, imo, a smarter script, but they're really too different to compare, even if Shane Black's hand can clearly be seen in both.

Nothing but love here: )

But while I was successful in not spoiling myself for Ironman 3, I couldn't seem to avoid spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness. Which was too bad. But whatever.

[personal profile] killabeez has already said nearly everything better than I can. And she points to [personal profile] liviapenn's comments, whom I also agree with. But here's a bit more:

Star Trek Into Darkness/the JJ Abrams ST films )

Okay, I'm done.
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Hello beautiful people!

I am alive! Yes, it is true. And doing fairly well. My long silence is not because I have nothing to say, but rather because I have too much to say and no head space and peace in which to say it.

But, I would like to tell you all that I have a tumblr, finally. As per my usual habit, I only join up with these things after everyone else already has so I can be fashionably late to the party. I have the same user name there as here -- hafital.

I like tumblr. Pictures are pretty. I still don't completely understand how it works, though. Right now my dashboard consists of mainly Star Trek pics (heavy on Voyager) and horses, so you can see where my interests lie. If you follow me, that's what you will mostly be seeing. As well as some ballet/dance stuff, Dance Academy pics (the best 1/2 hour Australian teen dance drama in all the world!), and maybe a stray Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann or two. I try not to annoyingly reblog too much but I don't really know what I'm doing with tumblr, so bear with me.

I've also recently become weirdly obsessed with this ABC Family show (now canceled and off the air) called Make It Or Break It, a teen drama about gymnastics. It's ridiculous. I can't honestly recommend it, but I'm enjoying the heck out of it at the same time. It doesn't hurt that the head coach is tres cute. And I think there's even a slash pairing with him and the rival coach from Denver. LOL.

With dance and gymnastics covered (Dance Academy and Make it or Break it, respectively), now I just need a teen drama set in the hunter/jumper world and I would be SET.

In family news Read more... )
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I'm home! Not 3 minutes outside of Ensenada, my check engine light came back on and I could feel the engine misfire. But then it settled, and I made my mother follow me in her car to ensure I at least got to the border crossing okay. I didn't want to have another mechanic look at it since I knew this was likely a problem that the dealer would need to fix and I had to get over the border, at least I then had roadside and stuff. Anyway, it all worked out. I'm home. It was stressful but my trusty car was trusty.

And after all that, have a kitten/dolphin star crossed romance for a late Sunday happy face.

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I'm not dead! whee!

Like really good peanut butter, things are nutty over here. But, you know, one day at a time, and all that. quick family update )

Hey! I'm going to compete in my very first jump show this weekend! Long stirrup, which is just x-rails but still. I'm excited, and hope very much that I at least don't take a tumble. hah.


Audio books I have listened to this month:

The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne (what? I never actually read it)
Tiger Eyes, Judy Blume (if I had been a little quicker on the draw, I would have nominated this for Yuletide. My favorite Blume book)
The Glass House and Half-Broke Horses, Jeannette Walls
Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea, Chelsea Lately
The Great Gatsby (what? I never read this one, either.)
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins (I don't like the reader, which is too bad)

I tried to listen to Gerald's Game by Steven King, but I couldn't finish it.

There might have been one or two others that I'm forgetting.


I signed up for [community profile] hlh_shortcuts and I'm very excited about it! Of course I have no idea what I'm going to write, but why should this year be any different from any other year?? I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for Yuletide. I want to, but I feel that may be pushing it.


I recently inhaled all of Breaking Bad. It was good, and kind of horrible at the same time. What amused me the most, though, is how I can still see the dad from Malcolm in the Middle in Walter White. haha.


I haven't gotten around to watching the recent episodes of Doctor Who yet. ack! And I'm waiting patiently to have all of Downton Abbey series 3 before embarking on that. I did start watching Ugly Betty, which I never got around to when it was on the air, and it's just the right kind of fluff. I like it.

I'm still rolling around in Star Trek: Voyager love. It makes me stupid happy. I love even the crappy episodes! I'm almost done, though. Sad.


Um, so does anyone have really good Avengers recommendations?? I'm curious.... What are the popular pairings?
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You know, this no livejournal at work think sucks donkey cock. I really do miss it. :( My iPhone is great and a life saver, no question, but I get major eyestrain reading on it, and it's much worse to write posts or long emails on it.

It's why I'm not posting as much or reading my friend's list as much. :( sniff. Pity me. I miss you guys something awful. I can't read LJ at work and I'm so frequently busy until late in the evenings that reading and posting once I get home is also difficult.

I would like to buy an iPad, and maybe in the new year I will manage that. I would have to get a 3G one, though, as I can't use my workplace's wireless without invoking the wrath (and idiocy) of IT. bastards. I hate them.


So, I've finished Mad Men through its most recent season and, I don't know, it was great and all, but I hope I'm not supposed to be madly in love with Don Draper, 'cause he's gross. Nearly all the male characters on that show are revolting, imo. I do love Peggy and Joan, though. I have wanted to love Betty, and I feel for her being married to a nightmare like Don Draper, but she's a tough one to get fond over. I love little Sally.


I don't talk about this much, but I am *still* working my way chronologically through all the Star Trek shows. Started with Enterprise, then TOS, then Next Gen <3 <3, and now Deep Space Nine, which was the only one of the ST series that I never watched in its original run and the only one that I couldn't get into. And, it's still very difficult for me to remain interested in it. I don't know what it is, I know so many of my friends love it and hail it as the best of the ST shows, but I find watching it so tedious for some reason. Not that I don't love many of the characters in it a great deal, but I guess the conflicts in it don't grab me as much. It's weird to love the characters so much but not really care about the show (I am supremely uninterested in the Dominion or Cardassians and what not. I am somewhat interested in the Marquis because of Chakotay and Tom Paris, but there isn't much about them, really). I've come to love Kira, and I hadn't much liked her before. And I'm all about Odo and her and can't wait for them to get together! I think they might be my favorite, then Sisko and Jake, and then the rest. I used to really love Dax, but now actually watching the show more closely, I don't find her nearly as interesting as I thought I would, and I'm not really that big a fan of Dax/Worf. I love Alexander Siddig quite a bit, but, although I am fond of Bashir, I like the actor so much better in all of the other projects I've seen him in. (Assad, I will always love you!!! xoxo)

I'm in the middle of season 5. I got waylaid somewhere mid season 3 and stopped for nearly a year, I think, but then muscled through. It's a little more interesting now.

Thank goodness that most (all?) of the Star Trek shows are on Netflix streaming!!! yay. I've set up the xbox I stole from my mother so that I can stream onto my TV. In a word, It's AWESOME.


New apartment is lovely, although I lost energy and got distracted and haven't finished decorating and stuff. whoops.

Still horseback riding tons. Oh hey, I have also started a weekly ballet class for adults! I'm... really not very good at it, I've discovered. haha. Who knew? lol. Ballet is hard, you guys. It's like, really hard. I find that I have tons of strength, and I'm not even a little bit sore the next day, but completely fall apart when I have to balance or twirl. It's fun though! My body is all the wrong shape for ballet, but it's all good.

I've signed up for the [profile] dw_femlash ficathon and of course [profile] hl_shortcuts. *big eyes* I guess this means I actually have to write something... For the past few months I've mostly been rewriting some original fic; my fanfic writing skills are rusty.

Although I've been reading tons of fanfic. Mostly Harry Potter fanfic, randomly (don't ask), although I'm not finding anything I like much. :(


So, where was I...

I think I'll answer two of these, seeing as they're relatively quick answers.

5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?

Um, I don't think I've had a character try to push their way in so much as I've had characters in a story know the direction of a story better than I do. *g* So, in those instances where characters take over the wheel of the car, I go through this process: fight it, get stymied, stop writing, let the story stew for a bit (anywhere from moments, a day, or weeks), go back to it, try the opposite of what I was doing before (meaning, for example, if I was trying to make the characters go forward, I make then walk backward, or sometimes it's make a character whisper instead of shout, or have them be weak instead of strong, or something like that), that usually unlocks the story and I can get going again. Sometimes I can bypass this whole thing by taking a step back, closing my eyes, asking a question, letting the answer bubble up naturally, then writing again.

I don't think that really answered the question, though.... lol.

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

Oh, I like both. I used to think I preferred writing male characters, and I think in fanfiction that still is the case. But in original fic, I write both and enjoy both. There's something wonderful about writing the opposite gender, I can't lie, but I love writing complicated women, too. They touch different places inside of me.

The 30 questions on Fic )
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Or something.

This is a quickie post to say I'm leaving today for a 4 day horseback riding trip into the wilderness. Like John Locke, we will be hunting our own food. JUST KIDDING. I think, actually, we will have a cook. And mules. Lots and lots of mules. :D :D


In other news, July decided to become hell month. It was basically overwhelming before it began. There is much I need to write about, especially about [personal profile] sherrold, and also my best friend has had rough time of it recently. But I can't write quickly about those things.

On top of all this, there are fun things like Harry Potter and Sarah Connor Chronicles and Downton Abbey (!!!!! AWESOME. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and Laura Ingalls Wilder and Lost (still) and Nip/Tuck (I can't seem to look away!) to talk about and scary things like the fact that I've decided to move into a 1 bedroom yikes!! to talk about. But all that will have to wait.

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I had a birthday yesterday )

And THEN, the BBC decided to give me a lovely Doctor Who episode for my birthday. I really appreciate it. It's the thought that counts.... lol.

The Doctor's Wife )



Lastly, Bogie and I doing dressage. Bogie is my friend's horse, and he normally goes western, so this was all sorts of exciting for both of us. LOL.
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Can you do the laugh? Check! Grab yourself a parrot. Welcome aboard! )


In other news, I want to talk about Lost, which I finally finished. And also I've now read listened to all of Robert Parker's western books that began with Appaloosa and I want to talk about that. And now I've started the Little House in the Prairie books on CD (read by Cherry Jones!!!!! She's wonderful!!!! Yes, I need all those exclamation points) and I find it DEEPLY amusing that the Little House in the Prairie books and Appaloosa are roughly set at the same time. As is Deadwood. And, actually, most of the LHitP books are set in the Dakota territory on the other side of what would be the state of South Dakota from the town of Deadwood. The events of Deadwood and the years Laura Ingalls spent in DeSmet were about 10 years apart? Something like that. A very different view of the west. One wonders which was more accurate. LOL.

Incidentally, for you Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole fans out there, the books are read by Titus Welliver and he's really good! I totally recommend them, and they're not lengthy books, 5 CDs at most per book, so it's really easy listening. (If the name isn't familiar, you'd know his face. He had a role in Deadwood and was The Man In Black in Lost (Part of what I want to talk about re: Lost).

Somewhere in the middle of all that I listened to S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, which, I never noticed before but then when I read it last I was 14, is written very much like a western.

Can you tell I'm having a bit of a YA books from my childhood renaissance? Annoyingly, it doesn't seem like the Oz Books are on CD. boo!

Also, can you tell I do a lot of driving?? lol


In other other news, today was TROTT USA's "Annual" Kentucky Derby fund raising event at the Santa Anita race track. And, I don't suppose anyone follows horse racing on my f-list, but the racing world had a bit of excitement today since a relative unknown and unexpected horse won the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Ninteen 3-year-olds! I love surprise upsets. haha. And I think TROTT made some money at our fundraiser, I'm hoping at least $10,000. We had a couple of "celebrities", but from what I could see it was really the racing fans that forked over most of the cash.
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So after some deliberation, I think I've figured out how to spend my tax return. :D :D Some of it is earmarked to go into savings to pay me back for a new mattress I bought in December, and some of it is earmarked to pay down a credit card, but the rest is up for grabs -- sort of. There is, in reality, not that much but whatever.

I have some dental work coming up I should probably save more for, and I want to buy some of Cheri Huber's books, not to mention 2 big trips coming up in the summer (well, one big trip to europe, hopefully, and another horseback riding 4 day adventure) but the real debate is whether to get an iPhone, or an iPad, or BOTH. hah.

There is also a ton of horseback riding gear that I want...

Sadly, my refund does not have a magical extension charm. It can't really cover all that, but I think the iPhone is definite, since its supposed to be finally available for verizon and all that. I can't upgrade (if I want my discount) until the end of Feb. so the timing works out unless verizon explodes or something.

I REALLY want an iPad, but it's gonna have to wait.


In other news, I'm almost to the end of The Wire, season 2, and I'm getting really into it! I really like everyone, even the criminals have a certain charm. I'm eager to see where these characters go, how they change over the course of the life of the show. I'm spoiled for one or two things, but mostly am watching blind. I love that! lol. I love watching a TV show and knowing you're in for "stuff" and having no clue what that will be.


For reasons that frankly I can't entirely remember, I started listening to the ENTIRE Dune series cycle on audio books. After some debate I decided to include the last two books written by Herbert's son and Kevin Anderson.

It's been... interesting? Dune remains pretty incredible as a stand alone book. I had read it several times as a teenager and again in college but haven't reread it in years, certainly not since I started writing, and I was pretty astonished to realize how influential it has been on so much of my writing.

The rest of the series is on some pretty heavy (spicy?) crack. And just gets more so as you continue. I don't know how to feel about much of it, particularly the role of women in the entire series. He keeps to pretty rigid gender roles but then by the end makes women essentially the rulers of the known (crazycakes) universe. Of course they're basically homicidal sex-crazed maniacs... they're either "whores" or "witches." So, I guess nothing new there! lol. And let's not get into the whole axlotl tanks business...

Also, this might be a petty peeve in light of all there is to discuss about the Dune series, but I find it *so* aggravating when an author is not true to the internal logic of the universe they're creating.

But it's still been an interesting ride, and I look forward to finishing one day before I'm as old as Duke Leto II. hah. (and I was rather amused to realize that Methos is STILL older. :D)


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