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Okay, not quick at all! Took me forever to write this.

I'll have to watch this a few more times to know how I feel about all the moving parts, but I went into it really only wanting one thing which was more Steve and Sam together, and I GOT SO MUCH OF THAT that I have no real complaints at all. And like, no hurting Sam too much. That's all I wanted.

The other non-concrete thing I wanted was hopefully to still love the MCU at the end of it, because I am WARY of live fandoms, yo. There's a reason I avoid new shows and even more rarely choose to write fanfic for them, and it's because I rarely continue to like them for very long. Something will inevitably shut my love down, and it's usually not even the shows' fault. And I want to continue loving the MCU for a while still. At least until such time as Steve and Sam and Nat and Bucky are no longer a part of it.

Anyway, I think i'm still in! So far.

I feel like just pointing to [personal profile] destina's post, because she said most of what I thought.

Stuff, in no particular order:

~ SAM. When I saw the little mini-Falcon I nearly died. I was like "OMG SAM HAS A MINI FALCON EEEE". And that quick exchange between Sam and Nat where Nat was like I am not acknowledging that thing. haha HEARTS FOR EVER AND EVER.

~ Sam's wings are amazingly awesome.

~ NAT. My other fav. She was AWESOME. Every second of her. Everything I wanted. When I first got wind that she was going to be on Tony's side of things, I was honestly confused and disappointment, but then the more I thought about it, the more I was like, OKAY. This could be interesting. And then, I realized what Civil War really meant. Brother against Brother. Family against Family. And I was simultaneously excited and afraid for CA: CW because I didn't want anything to be permanently broken between Steve and Nat and Sam, (and Clint!) but I was also like, that could bring on some really great dynamics and character development. And I also pretty much knew she would have to turn on Tony, at some point. It's the only thing that made sense, character-wise. AND I LOVED IT.

~ Especially the Steve/Nat hug, and then at the airport when she helped them get away.

~ I did sort of wish we had a clearer idea of where's she's at in the end, though. :/. I wasn't certain if she was in Azkaban super-max prison with the others or if she's on her own. Either works for me. Tony warns her Ross was about to arrest her so maybe she's free. She will be joining Steve. :D

~ I was slightly disappointed Rumlow was dispatched so quickly. I expected more from him.

~ So I do like Sharon and I really really really wish I could be a fan of the romance because she's great and stuff, but it kind of creeps me out. I was braced for it, though, and on the whole, it could have been worse. Wish she could just be his awesome friend/not-niece and that they let the audience take it to the romance place if they wanted to.

~ Saying that, I can overlook my slight distaste for the romance because Steve was hilariously awkward at it. <3

~ CLINT. I would not have count myself as among Clint's fans before writing Twelve Times Damned, but I absolutely adore him now like a whole lot and I want more of him with Cap and Sam and Nat and Bucky. Laura must be so worried. :(

~ I feel like every tv show or movie that has a bombing in it has the same plot device of the photo still inciting a man hunt only for it to be revealed as a fake, masking the real bad guys. Not complaining about it, but it is over done. This happened to Jack Bauer like 12 times throughout 24.

~ For being "no place special on it's way to every place special" or whatever Maria said, Sokovia having some kind of elite force or whatever Zemo was, was head scratching.

~ Seeing young Tony freaked me out. Because it looked SO MUCH like young RDJ did but also NOT AT ALL LIKE young RDJ. It was both simultanously too right and all wrong! LOL. I mean, I have been watching RDJ on TV and movies since I was a teenager. I know what he looks like. And ALSO, it's RDJ acting as young Tony acting as young RDJ. I was like..... ahaaaaaaaaaaa. so good so weird.

~ I am ON BOARD for Black Panther. Hello! I already loved Chadwick, but adored T'Challa's journey in this movie so much, which I honestly just assumed his role would be pure set up for his movie, but it was so so much more than that. Thank goodness. Loved every moment of him.

~ I kept expecting Martin Freeman to be revealed as Hydra. I'm still expecting it.

~ I would have always been on Cap's team, probably, tbh, but aside from that, I really hate it when movies use civilian casualties and collateral damage as a manipulation plot device. It was already set up in the MCU, though, so I was expecting it, but Steve's point about the Accords just shifting blame is 100,000% accurate. Transparency and accountability are aces. Sec of State Ross and the Accords would not provide either. And there's of course the in universe fact that these government agencies are not to be trusted and Ross is creepy.

~ I don't think I loved Steve more than when he dropped that shield. I was expecting it. I went into the movie pretty certain the only way he could come out of it was if he left his shield behind -- just because of the nature of the argument, at odds with governing agencies etc, I knew it was an eventuality, but I thought it would likely happen in a much more pointed way, you know, renouncing the title sort of thing, but how it actually played out was... well, it meant so much more.

~ I've warmed up to Wanda a great deal. And I wanted MORE of her powers. Much more.

~ Wanda was the one Avenger that could have caught Rhodey before he fell, and she wasn't there. Close, but not close enough.

~ I'm a bit heartbroken over Tony and Pepper, but at the same time I'm like "girl get the hell out." I LOVE Tony. I love Tony more than I love Pepper, and a Tony without a Pepper is a very sad and vulnerable Tony, but he is a lot to handle. No doubt. I sincerely hope he learns to be his own man without either the suits or Pepper or his pain over his parents (or his genius).

~ Speaking of Howard. As everyone else, as soon as I saw that car driving on the dark street and Bucky chasing after it, my heart sank because i knew the rift between Steve and Tony was going to be hard and deep. I am upset with myself that I never gave Maria as much weight as Howard if not more, and I'm so so pleased that the film did go there even if it broke my heart. I loved that there were no easy answers out of that for either Tony, Steve, or Bucky. I avoided having Tony confront Bucky about it in my stories because I personally couldn't deal with it, and I give Civil War full marks for dealing with it head on and all around completely in character. There were some heavy-handedness here and there, but on the whole, it played out really well in my opinion. Heartbreaking and cringey at times, but all spot on. At least, I'm not complaining.

~ I can't help but wonder if Banner were around how differently things would have played out. Considering Ross. Considering Tony. Considering Nat.

~ The Vision was a harder sell for me in this. I loved him in AOU. I don't really understand him in Civil War. He gives off the impression of such great wisdom, I would not have thought he'd choose either side, tbh.

~ Extremely glad Rhodey didn't die. Him being injured, possibly fatally, was one of the things I had been spoiled for, and the entire scene at the airport I was DREADING who was going to be the one to give the near fatal blow. That it was the Vision was telling.

~ I liked Spiderman just fine, but I kind of have to squint a bit at his inclusion because it was a touch too gimmicky for me. I mean, he was funny and all and I quite liked him, but a) Tony flat out manipulated him into being on his team, which I don't think is fair, and b) it was mostly just set up. But I can over look that.

~ We've been fed a solid diet of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, Comedy Duo recently, so it's really not surprising how great they are together, but that was definitely a highlight.

~ It was fun to see what fan fic got right and even more what fan fic got wrong. haha. I'm with Destina re: seeing that Sam was definitely not caretaker, something that makes me recoil away pretty fast and one of the reasons why I'm always searching for Steve/Sam outside of fiction that's really Steve/Bucky. Thank god there was not a hint of counselor Sam here.

~ But fandom certainly got the Bucky trigger thing right!

~ I loved the scene in Wakanda when Bucky goes under again and T'Challa and Steve share a moment. For one, I'm so so so grateful that while Bucky is clearly in pain, he's not what so many fan fics have him be which is really nonfunctional (can you tell I'm not a fan of woobiebucky? that whole cinnamon roll thing can go to hell). He's rational, and clear-minded, and he chose to go under rather than be vulnerable to outside manipulation. It's not far off from what Banner has to face, and why Banner left. <3 <3 <3 I love this Bucky so much.

~ And finally (until I see it again, maybe, if I have more to say) Sam's smile and Steve's smile, when Steve came and broke him out of Azkaban that prison. <3 times infinity. Their friendship is why I'm in the MCU. I've come to love all parts of it, really, but Steve x Sam is why I'm here and why I stay.

~ I want to reread my own Steve/Sam story haha.
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