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Tomorrow I get on a plane and fly all the way to SPAIN!

This is the plan:

1. board the plane
2. fly to Madrid
3. take a train to Alicante
4. Hang out for 5 days. Eat. Drink. See things. Play on the beach or in the pool. Look fabulous.
5. Fly to Majorca.
6. Hang out for 3 days. Eat. Drink. See things. Play on the beach or in the pool. Look fabulous.
7. Fly back to Madrid.
8. Hang out for 3 days. Eat. Drink. See things. Look fabulous.
9. board the plane back home.


I saw that King Arthur Legend of the Sword movie the other day. What a goofy movie. But, despite it being as far from King Arthur as I've ever seen, I did love the more multicultural cast/knights of the round table thing, and then spent most of the movie marveling at Charlie Hunnum and Aiden Gillen together again on my screen looking even hotter than ever. Like way hotter than in QAF! Especially Charlie who was just barely an adult in QAF. And now Aiden is all charmingly crinkly and silver-foxish. ugh.

Love this bit of an interview I found online with CH.

How did it feel to be acting with Aidan Gillen for the first time since Queer As Folk?

He seemed exactly the same. He has still got a real magic to him and he’s every bit as eccentric and beautiful and weird as he always was. I’ve always been cognisant that I owed Aidan a huge debt of gratitude, being exposed to his level of craftsmanship and integrity at the start of my career. He was a very powerful guiding force to me.

Your scenes together in King Arthur have a lot of innuendo. Was that deliberate?

Ha! Not that I was aware of. What are you referring to?

You tell him: “I want to get my arse out of here.” He tells the others: “Leave him alone with me.” Then you say: “Put your ring back on, Honeytits.”

It hadn’t occurred to me, but you’re right. Maybe Russell (5) came in to do some secret script doctoring on that scene.

<3 <3 <3


Completely coincidently I swear I finally started watching Sons of Anarchy. Which.... I don't know. I expected to like a lot more than I do, tbh.

I'm hanging in though, muscling my way through. I like some of the characters -- Tara, Opie, Jax, and bizarrely Chibs for some reason. At least so far. I have found I don't tend like a show all the way through usually. Like, I started out loving White Collar and then kind of got annoyed with it well before it ended. It's the rare show that I love from beginning to end, usually because they torpedo the characters. I can count the tv shows I love unconditionally in one hand. (Highlander! Leverage! Star Trek Voyager/Next Gen!... MCU might count if we're counting films. But it's easy to pick and choose with the MCU, and it's not done yet so verdict is still out)

I thought the Shakespeare/Hamlet touches would be an automatic win for me, but really I just find Charming suffocating. And the physical and emotional abuse of women is exhausting to watch. Also, also, they kill like EVERY latina woman on this show I swear. They are always lying dead full of bullet holes.


Also continuing my habit of only watching TV shows long after they're off the air and everyone is no longer watching anymore and no one gives a damn, enjoying my Amazon subscription I started watching Justified with the every charming Timothy Olyphant. <3

Now, if I didn't already love Timothy for Deadwood and Seth Bullock, I absolutely loved him for his wacky yet devoted portrayal of Joel in The Santa Clarita Diet. One gets the sense that Timothy really loves doing comedy but got somewhat pigeon-holed as the broody western gunslinger type haha.

I'm liking Justified so far, and am amused that I started out hating Boyd but then kind of ended up mostly loving him! Walton Goggins man, who knew. Also I love Tim Gutterson. And Rachel. End of story.

But, this is another show where its possible they're going to make me hate everyone before it ends, or kill people, so we'll see.


Rebreaking/replotting second novel continues apace. I'm being all fancy and using color coded index cards!


In other other news, the sister drama continues.

I was planning on emailing her the very helpful suggestions I got from you all and from other friends, but then some even greater fall out occurred between her and my mom, and terrible emails were sent and sister girl seemed even more fragile and in a bad place than before. So, I didn't want to send her another email on top of all that pretending like I didn't know what was going on and also telling her I can't help her. Didn't seem like the time. Anyway, she's not speaking to my mom again. I'm not sure she's speaking to me either. I did email her to wish her a happy birthday and opted not to tell her I'm going to spain. :/


EEP. It's past 11 AM already. I still have sooooo much to do!
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Interrupting the downward mcu tumblr spiral for a moment to report that I went to see Keanu on my b-day and I LAUGHED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

kittens bat at my lack of real spoilers )
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Not only is it 91,000 damn degrees outside today, I am also, shall we say, processing a fair amount of alcohol out of my system. (what the fuck do I gotta put this bitch on? power ranger? this is unacceptable.)

I am currently sequestered in an air-conditioned cafe. I like this place. I'm here a lot. There's a lot of us locals that just hang out here all day. I see the same people mostly. I was telling [personal profile] cesperanza that sometimes this guy is here who looks like he could be Thor. He comes here often and every time I see him I'm like "Oh good, Thor's here."

So, I recently switched from Tumblr Savior to the new xkit extension package because I didn't see an option to hide peoples tags with TS and even people's tags were sending me into stressed out monkey mode. And omg I loooove xkit. (you have to make sure you dl the new xkit as the original one is no longer being updated.)

Like, I want xkit for my daily life. Why can't I have a Blackout list for every day and why can't I mute people??! If I could just select a real live person's menu options and mute them when they speak, things would be golden. And hella amusing.


I finally went to see Jurassic World the other day and was prepared to be, you know, somewhat entertained, and did not expect that I would actually like it as much as I did. Damn you Pratt. I liked Owen better than Star Lord, although GotG is a better written film.

Also, I went into it expecting some sort of horrid characterization for Claire Dearing, based on the news articles that were everywhere, but I guess my expectations were pretty well low enough haha. I did want to punch whoever thought it would be a good thing to have her in heels the whole time though.

Who ever said they were rooting for the dinosaurs was spot on.


I'm sure there was more I wanted to say but I am hampered by my post-martini brain.


jesus be a rain drop or central air because I cannot breathe.
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Here is a list:

~ I have become addicted to Whole Foods's Mighty Omega 3 Trail Mix. It has almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, and dark bittersweet chocolate. Considering I also use almond butter instead of peanut butter because I avoid legumes, I have serious concerns that I may be eating too many almonds.

~ I started doing this ab work out to Uptown Funk once a day, give or take. Yes those are teeny little gymnasts. Do not compare yourself. I modify just about all of the exercises. I also sometimes choose this other gymnasts ab work out to Who Run The World. It's about 4 or 5 minutes, nice little workout.

~ Being the only responsible adult in my family is hard. My mother was in town last week -- during that week she managed to bust up her iPad, get a second traffic ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign at the same stop sign she'd already gotten a ticket at and by the same police officer, got another ticket for having expired tags which wasn't actually her fault (we had sent in all the paper work and all but the smog check was never transmitted and then I didn't realize we never got the new reg and sticker.) Then she got a parking ticket. It's like parenting a teenager.

~ I went to see Ex Machina. Read more... )

~ I also went to see Tomorrowland, which is only worth it for the totally retro Disneyland art direction, and all the Disneyland references. I know Disney keeps trying to recreate the success of the Pirates of the Carribbean films. Too bad they keep failing! It's not a horrible film, though, and the character of Athena is awesome and my favorite part.

~ And before all that I went to see Avengers Age of Ultron for a second viewing. I had this long post partially written about whatever it was I was thinking after seeing it a second time (which was basically: I liked it a lot more the second time but everything I didn't like before I still didn't like and everything I liked before I f'ing loved... or something) but then I was falling asleep while writing it so it sat there unfinished in my browser for over week. Anyway, here are my big brain thoughts: Read more... )

~ I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility that I may or may not be writing self-indulgent Cap-centric MCU fic.

~ Have I mentioned how much I loathe being in a live fandom? This is like my worst nightmare, I'm not kidding. I finally caved and used the blackout list or whatever for Tumblr to avoid Civil War spoilers. Speculation is not my friend. Go away, all of you.

Furious 7

Apr. 3rd, 2015 09:57 pm
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I haven't gone to see a movie on opening day since I don't even know how long. But I happened to be free today, and I adored all the previous movies. Also, there's Paul. <3 Something about the loss of Paul has always made me emotional and I'm not sure why, since aside from loving him in the F&F films I wouldn't say I was a fan of his in anything else.

I didn't want much from this film aside from watching them have fun, no one dying that wasn't already dead (fictional or otherwise. I'm STILL upset about Han), and a good goodbye for Paul, and I more than got all of that. Furious 7 was as OTT and ridiculous and fun as I hoped! And it was sad. It wasn't wrenching, though, and for that I am grateful. The ending was lovely and sad.

More behind the cut. )

MSR recs?

Dec. 3rd, 2014 02:29 pm
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I have finished my hlh_shortcuts story \o/! Managed to hammer that puppy out over the thanksgiving holiday, which was something definitely to be thankful for haha. I think that was the first fan fiction I'd written in two years (say whut?). Those handsome immortals are as pesky as ever!


Went to see Intersteller - cut cut cut )

Am enjoying my X-File rewatch. I'm wondering if I want to try to read some MSR? Maybe? It was actually the very first fan fiction I read year and years ago, but I never read very extensively for the pairing or the fandom. Are their still recs somewhere from way back? I have no idea what the popular stories even were.
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It used to be that going to the movies was this big social event. Friends getting together, going to the movies, getting dinner, a drink, etc etc. But now I'm old and don't have the time and the patience and most days my friends and I don't always want to see the same films. So, I've been going by myself and it is AWESOME. It's like one of my new favorite things, to go see a movie all by myself. I love it. I'll go with friends, if someone organizes it, or I'll go with a date or my mom, etc, but more often than not, I go alone. It's cool.


And then I went to go see Snowpiercer )

And then finally, I went to a free screening for Guardians of the Galaxy )

Phew. Now I'm tired.


In other news, I have reached the end of the internet when it comes to Leverage, and specifically, Parker/Hardison/Eliot fiction. :(

I may actually have to write some. The bother!
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I liked both of these movies! I liked them quite a bit. I didn't expect to like X-Men film, actually, but that was a pleasant surprise. There's a great deal that I don't entirely grasp though, since I don't know that much about either Marvel universe. Like, for example, is the Quicksilver from the Avengers the same as the Quicksilver from X-Men?? How does that work...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier )

I almost did not go see the X-Men movies. I just, I don't know, there's so many of these movies, and they've been going on for so long, and it's the same struggle over and over again, and I get a little tired of Magneto and Prof. X and their epic manlovemanhate -- it's not my pairing, as cute as their younger counterparts are (and as friggin adorable as Ian and Patrick are). But I did go, and I really liked it! So, whatever, just goes to show you. I did think this film was better than First Class.

Days of Future Past )


In other news, I am still pleasantly distracted by Leverage. There is SAD lack of OT3 fic, though. Painful lack. Eh, it was never a big fandom. sigh.

I'm almost done with the line edits for the book. And by almost, I mean I am moments away from sending it to my editor for monday. *BIG EYES*
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I love lists.

Anyone who feels like it should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

In no particular order:

1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,
"Talking monkey?"
"Yeah, yeah, talking monkey. Came here from the future. Ugly sucker. Only says 'ficus'."

2. Defending Your Life
"There was one person you were really cheap with, over and over again. I wish you were more generous with him."

3. The Family Stone
"Hey. Hey you." *throws fork* "I love you. And you're more normal than any other... asshole sitting at this table. OK? OK. I need a fork."

4. The Jacket
"I was 27 years old the first time I died."

"How much time do we have?"

5. Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall (what? they work like 1 film!)
James Bond, tied to a chair: "I've got a little itch... down there... would you mind?"
"No, no, no, no! To the right, to the right, to the right!"
James Bond, tied to a chair: "What makes you think this is my first time?"

6. The Fast and the Furious All 6 movies (what? It's a franchise!)
"You don't turn your back on family, even when they do." (sob. gah. crying now.)

7. Tropic Thunder
"I know who I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!"

8. Ocean's 11
"Thirteen million and you drive this piece of shit across country to pick me up?"
"Blew it all on the suit."

9. Gosford Park
"Do you think he's the murderer?"
"It's worse than that -- he's an actor."

"I've been wanting to do that ever since I first laid eyes on you."

10. Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows
"It's not that he can't ride... How is it you put it, Holmes?"
"They're dangerous at both ends and... crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?"

Honorary mention to all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. <3 <3


In other news, it's my birthday. I am celebrating by a) not being at work, b) being lazy, c) going to the barn for my lesson later, and d) going out for drinks afterwards. There will be more "wild" partying this friday, by some definition of "wild."

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I guess the trick to getting me to watch broadcast television[1] again is promising me more 24, Jack Bauer, and Chloe O'Brian. The last time I watched a TV show as it aired was season 8 of 24. So! Yeah.

You probably think I'm at a disadvantage. I promise you, I'm not. )


In other news, I am in line edit hell. Someone come rescue me.

Also, quite without intention, I have become absolutely in love with Leverage. I never finished watching it past midway through season 2, and even when I started watching it again on Netflix, it wasn't until seasons 4 and 5, and the character growth shown in the final season for all the characters, and the basically canonical threesome that I actually began to pay attention, and had to rewatch again. I love shows like this, low stress, found family, characters stay in character but still grow and change, and they so clearly love each other. It's like a big love fest.

Maybe I'll talk more about why I love Leverage, and how more TV shows would do better to emulate at least the character consistency. I mean, as a writer and a creator of content, I can't say now much Leverage pleased me. But, right now I have to get back to line edit hell. oy.


Lastly, I highly recommend Jon Favereau's new film Chef. It was delightful.

[1] except for the Olympics. The Olympics will always get me to turn my TV on.
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I actually went to go see it back in december but am now just getting around to writing about it. Such is life.

I have a friend whose opinion I generally respect a great deal, who posted on facebook how much he loathed this film. He's a huge Tolkien fan, and as far as I could remember he loved the first 3 LotR films. And then, I saw many of my online friend's comments on LJ who seemed to really love the film. So I had no idea what to expect! But since I was NOT a fan of the first LotR films, yet I did rather enjoy the first Hobbit film, I really didn't stress my head over it. Long since gone are the days when I cared what Peter Jackson did with these books. But I was curious.

Also, amusedly, since I was a wee kid back when I read The Hobbit the first time, I have always pronounced Smaug like Smog. So, I have been saying to people, "Oh, I'm going to see that Smog film," or "I saw that Smog film. You know, Smog, the dragon," and I get this blank look. haha.

Random thoughts. I mostly really liked it. )


In other news, things continue over here. My mother has had a cerebral angiogram so the docs can have a look at her special brain. We hoped this would clear her for general anesthesia so she can have the gallbladder surgery, but no luck. They want another MRI or something. Oi.

Meanwhile, she's planning on going out of the country for a couple of months, so many of these things will have to be delayed.

I bought her an iPad mini for Christmas. Instructing my mother on how to use an iPad has been... fun? lol.

I am... almost done editing. By almost I mean not really done at all, but done with the big stuff anyway. Yay!?

I am also thinking of buying a new car. Soonish.

I fell down the stairs carrying a GIANT bag of laundry and hurt my food. It is nearly all better now, though I have a smallish lump on the side and my toes are still bruised. It was pretty banged up, and as I lay on the ground cursing my first thought was "Oh fuck I can't ride tomorrow," haha. Only, I did ride. I rode on it all bruised and swollen and stuff all that week, because I am a badass. No actually, while it was pretty bad, it was okay to walk on and stuff, so I figured it was okay to ride.

I have been watching Scandal with my mom while she's in town. I never would have watched this if she hadn't wanted to. I am of two minds about this show. I like it sometimes. I mostly like Olivia Pope, I like her team, but then I find it immensely frustrating and ridiculously predictable. I'm too lazy to do another cut tag, so maybe I'll talk about it in anther post sometime.
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What I learned from the film Gravity:

Do not go into space without transporters or a working deflector array.

quick thoughts )


Happy day after Thanksgiving! It was nice to be in the U.S. for the holiday. My mom is in town, seeing some doctors (we're back on track for the gallbladder surgery, although my mother's very special brain my still derail everything).

I have finished watching Xena: Warrior Princess, which is a great relief because for a while there it seemed that I was not going to get out of "ancient" greece. I know the way it ended was upsetting for fans (and [personal profile] killabeez, I took your advice and did not watch the ending as the ending), which I can see why. Although after years of hearing about Xena but never watching, the anticipation of the end made the whole thing anti-climatic -- also I largely guessed what would happen. But whatever, I can cross that off my list. ai ai ai ai aiiii )

I am now catching up on Haven, season 4, which I LOVE. I'm about six episodes in.

my trouble would be something like all the people I find annoying turn into sweet ponies or something )
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Here I am with another quick update for you, my most dearest of friends. All you VVC folks, I thought of you all weekend! And knew you were all having a great time and that made me happy. I actually bought a supporting membership, so I'm looking forward to receiving a shiny new DVD.

Unfortunately, there isn't much of fun below the cut, although it's nothing too dire.

In no particular order: )

In more fannish news...

I went to see Pacific Rim, without realizing it had giant robots and giant lizards in it.... And well, Nathan is all grown up! Mostly I thought the film was a bit exhausting, but good fun. Not at all fannish about it. My biggest complaint, though, is why weren't there any girl/girl teams? wtf.

Then, I also went to watch World War Z, which was super stressful omg! I was basically a pretzel the entire time watching. I liked this film better than Pacific Rim, but it kind of fell apart for me a little at the end, but still, it was pretty cool.

I finished all of Fringe, which was great. I was worried )

I also watched all of Game of Thrones, which... I don't know. Am I the only one that has major issues with GoT? Not really enjoying it.

I also started watching Xena on Netflix, which I had never really watched before outside of an episode here or there. It's totally ridiculous, which I knew going in, and you know, mostly I find it a bit of a chore to keep watching actually, but I do love Xena and Gabrielle and they're not-really-text-but-more-than-subtext relationship. It's funny watching all those New Zealand actors popping up right and left...

Tumblr has me almost caving on doing an X-Files rewatch. I've resisted so far... But you know what they say about resistance.

Still happy rewatching Star Trek: Voyager. This show is like a warm, fuzzy blanket. My love for Janeway has pretty much exploded and I'm not sorry. Back in the day, although I always loved her, I wasn't really into reading J/C but now I find myself reading J/C babyfic and god help me WANTING MORE. Yes. Which is only outshone in my desire for Janeway/Paris babyfic, which god help me I WANT EVEN MORE and there's far fewer of it although there is some. Now you know my secret and can judge me accordingly. And although there is one or two J/C/P fics out there, no one has written the fic of my heart. SADNESS.

Aside from controlling my raging star trek voyager addiction, I find myself STILL thinking about the Fast and the Furious films. So far, they've been my favorite thing this summer. I did finally get to see Tokyo Drift, which was a better film than I thought it would be, although the thing that I DO NOT WANT was a harsh reminder at the end. :( I'm too lazy to do another cut tag, but I leave you with this image: Han and Gisele.

FYI, I think Sung Kang is obscenely good looking. Like, holy smokes, mister, do something about that because you're blinding.
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Here I am visiting the 'rents, south of the border. On the way down, my check engine light came on, which makes me nervous about the drive back. We're having a mechanic look at it to at least make sure I can make it back into the US. Cross your fingers for me. I'm not really worried....

Dad is looking a little better. Mom has been diagnosed with macular degeneration, which apparently almost all the women in her family eventually have. I know my aunts all had/have it, and their mother. oi. She has to get injections in her eye! ew.


I saw Skyfall twice, and was tempted to go and watch it again but I couldn't quite justify it. *g* I actually found it a tad predictable, but at the same time I loved every minute of it, so clearly that doesn't bother me. I can't wait till I can buy it and have all three of the new Bond films. Oddly, one of my favorite parts of the film, imo, was the opening credits. All parts of the film exist within the opening credits, which I didn't realize until I watched it a second time.

I'm not going to lie, I may now be all about the Bond/Mallory. Yes.

I used to have a Bond icon. d'oh.


I'm trying not to panic about hlh_shortcuts. *big eyes*


Despite my sometimes crazy family, I have much to be thankful for. I have a good life, on so many levels. Not least of which, is my crazy family, my friends, all of you lovely lovely people, horses, my barn, my job, writing, my country, and even my check engine car. haha.

hugs to you all.
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Hello, kind friends, how did we get to the end of January already? I have no idea.


I went to a screening of Coriolanus last night. I admit, I was unfamiliar with this Shakespeare play outside of the premise and that it was a tragedy. I had seen a trailer the other day when I went to The Iron Lady, and for some reason wasn't aware that it was a modern setting, either. Anyway, this is all to say that this entire movie was a bit of a surprise, but I have a weakness for Shakespeare films so I was eager to go.

That Shakespeare dude, he sure can write good. )


In other news, I have a lot of things I want to post about, that's not going to happen today. :(

Oh, but have a picture of me on a Halflinger! And no, that is not a hobbit. Those are halflings. haha.
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From [personal profile] cleolinda, Legendary sword master Bob Anderson has passed away.


Among other things, Bob Anderson was the swordmaster for the first Highlander film, and for a few of the HL seasons on TV. Also, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and The Princess Bride.

Wiki article.
ABC News
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Firstly, don't forget to go to the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts Exchange and check out all the wonderful new Highlander stories coming through each day! A MUST. DO IT!


Went to see the new Sherlock Sherrly Holmes film yesterday. Loved it like PIE. Seriously. I believe I loved it more than the first one, which I liked quite a bit but never got giddy over . Not sure giddiness and any incarnation of Sherlock Holmes is likely. Very fond I am of Sherlock in general but have never been uber passionate about it. Anyhoo, this second film was FUN. And I loved it like PIE.

Sherlock and Mycroft's parents must have had their hands full )

War Horse

Dec. 15th, 2011 08:17 am
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To my friends who are careful regarding depictions of animal cruelty, (I'm looking at you, [profile] melina123) you may want to be cautious if you're going to go see War Horse come Dec. 25.

I went to a screening of this on Sunday, and, don't get me wrong, I really liked it a lot. Spielberg at least knows what he's doing, and it's an incredible story of one amazing horse. I didn't cry although it was a close thing and there is a part of the film that I couldn't think about afterward without nearly crying all over again. Though, I think what saved me from totally breaking down was that I couldn't forget that it was a movie. There was so much to love, though, and the acting was superb. Especially Emily Watson.

Any writer/director/artist has to be careful when making a film or writing a story wherein an animal (usually a dog in about 99% of these stories) is put in mortal peril; the ease with which you can manipulate your audience is very great but you need to be careful about it our you tip over into melodrama.

More detailed spoilers )
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I don't know much about British politics, but I know enough to be very interested in how this new coalition goverment with Cameron and Clegg is going to work out. NPR was alive with clips from several press Q&As from yesterday which were all very chummy chummy, so at the moment everyone is giddy with excitement, but that probably won't last too long. I dunno, it's sort of the exact thing someone would pitch as a sitcom or a wacky reality TV show. haha. Joking aside, I wish the new coalition government all the luck, 'cause they're gonna need it.


Speaking of British politics, as I'm driving around Los Angeles, I keep seeing signs for the new HBO movie The Special Relationship, which I swear is being marketed like it's about their secret love affair or something -- which quite honestly wouldn't surprise me in the least. It amuses me. With those two actors it's a much more palatible pairing (for me, I should say) than the real Clinton and Blair. ;)

*As seen on a bumper sticker this morning.
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~~ In this town, it's hard to ignore/avoid the brouhaha over Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian. Quite frankly, I don't give a hoot but it's being commented on everywhere. And I can't help but complain because didn't we already go through this with Letterman and Leno when Carson stepped down? When's the tv movie about this one coming out? (and yes I did see that movie, don't ask me why, because it was horrible) I mean, srsly, ppls. So, it's slightly different this time, but still basically the same. WHATEVER.

~~ Okay, so, I admit it, I have a total crush on Jay Smooth. Have to thank [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza for introducing me to him. Jay Smooth, on Haiti:

~~ Sherlock Holmes )

~~ So, wonder of wonders, I actually sat down and turned my TV on and watched an hour of live TV the other day. That would be Leverage, yes indeed. And it was delightful. slight spoilers )


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