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Interrupting the downward mcu tumblr spiral for a moment to report that I went to see Keanu on my b-day and I LAUGHED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.

1. Key & Peele are hilarious and I love them
2. Every time the kitten was on screen I uncontrollably giggled. So did my friend who went to see it with me. It was an involuntary reaction. Like I couldn't not giggle to save my life. Jeezus that was one cute cat.
3. Okay admittedly the middle part of the film (that was absent of the kitten) dragged. That could have been cut by half. That's my one big critique of the film. As much as I love Anna Faris, that scene was weird.
3.a But the intercut scene of Key's character in the family van full of gangsters convincing them of the greatness of George Michael? That was golden.
4. It is unexpectedly violent, but it is a film about drug dealers so.
5. The kitten is never once in any actual danger.
6. Every character in the movie wants that kitten. And would kill for him.
7. I want that kitten.
8. I will not look at George Michael the same way again.
9. At one point the kitten speaks with Keanu Reeves voice. :D
10. Especially loved how the film subverted racial stereotypes.

Date: 2016-05-18 07:53 pm (UTC)
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I really wanted to see Keanu before That Movie came out, but I was in too much pain to drive and sit in a theatre. I may still try to go see it if it's playing anywhere. The trailer was the first comedy trailer I'd seen in years that made me actually laugh, and I adore Key & Peele, so it seemed like a win, even if I'd heard that the middle drags.


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