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The Highlander Holiday Shortcuts stories are now revealed! Wahoo!

This is what I wrote:

A Dance Told in Six Parts
~10K words
Gen, Duncan/Methos/Amanda

This was a lot of fun to write. It's 90% silliness. A lot of hand-waivey plotting haha. :D

Many many thanks to [personal profile] raine for the beta!
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This post will unfortunately not touch on so much that I want to write about. I think I should make a New Year's resolution to post more often.

Since I returned from Scotland it seems the world has been set of fire. Also, I have watched tv, finished a draft of my next book, started a rewrite of that book, stalled on the rewrite when I had to write my HL Shortcut story, went to see a few movies, DARTH VADER HAS RETURNED MAY HE NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN (no seriously, I am not that fannish about Star Wars, but Rogue One has given me back the Darth Vader of my childhood and I am seriously forever grateful. I do not have too many strong emotions about the prequels because at the end of the day I don't think I really care that much but it wasn't until I was in the theatre watching Rogue One that I realized how much I resented those films for how they changed my feelings on Darth Vader. Anyway, he's back. And I love him.), we had to put a dear horse down yesterday and we're all very sad and all by barn girls have been crying for two days now, I gave up gluten and dairy but am now having an allergic reaction to eating too many high histamine producing foods. oy.

Tomorrow my mom and I will go to a day spa and soak in some hot springs.

Pray that my itchy eyelids go away. And itchy other parts I won't mention. HAH.

BUT. The real reason for this hasty post is to direct all 3 of you who still read this journal to go to the Highlander Holiday Short Cuts fest on AO3.

Try and guess which one's mine! I'd give a hint but honestly it's gotta be bloody obvious which one's mine.

ALSO, I got a Highlander/Northanger Abbey x- over story, An' to the Greenwood She is Gane and it's so scrumptiously wonderful. If you have any affection for Austen and Epistolary fiction, you should definitely read it. :D :D

eta: Oh no! :(
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Okay, who's the dummy who waited waaaaay to long to start her HL Shortcuts story???

this girl. :/

Is anyone free to beta? pleeaaase? Since the deadline was this past thursday, I need it rather quick. Can be for only grammar.

*bats eyelashes like Amanda*

comments screened, should my recipient come wandering over.

ETA: All set! *phew*
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The reveals are out for the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts, and so now I can squish [personal profile] carenejeans for my lovely gift of Holiday Spirits! Whee!

I wrote

The Beginning of Always
+11k words,
D/M, Amanda, Joe
Mature, for some violence

Written for [personal profile] pat_t

Story can be found on the hlh_shortcuts LJ: The Beginning of Always

Or, minus a few typos at AO3 or HL Archive.
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Gah. So much to write posts about. Not enough brain. PROBLEM.


I seem to be reduced down to one word sentences. hah.


Yay, it's that time of year again! Highlander Holiday Shortcuts! Live and posting stories. Rejoice! Guess which one is mine!

My gift has already been posted. :D :D :D Holiday Spirits. A delightful D/M story, most charming, that I loved and want to cherish. Yay!

I've only read a handful so far, but I must point out the wonderful Agent Carter/HL, Peggy & Amanda story, Au Revoir whose only fault is that it is not 100k words long.
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Wooo, the Highlander Shortcuts Festival is all done and the authors have been revealed. *throws confetti*

This year had some truly amazing stories. I recommend checking them out. Something for any Highlander fan.

I wrote:

Highlander, D/M
about 11,000 words

written for [personal profile] adabsolutely
eta: thank you to [personal profile] basingstoke for the beta, and additional thanks to [personal profile] unovis for some early comments.

Can be read at hlh_shortcuts lj.

Or minus a couple of typos at hl fiction or AO3.
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I'm a little late with this, but if you're so inclined, check out the stories over at the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts! Go do it now! There are some stories fantastic there, something for everyone. Try to guess which one is mine! Dooo iiiit.

Also, I got TWO (2!) lovely lovely stories this year. TWO. Do yourself a favor and check them out:
Mi Casa and Stir-up Sunday.

Yay, Highlander!

MSR recs?

Dec. 3rd, 2014 02:29 pm
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I have finished my hlh_shortcuts story \o/! Managed to hammer that puppy out over the thanksgiving holiday, which was something definitely to be thankful for haha. I think that was the first fan fiction I'd written in two years (say whut?). Those handsome immortals are as pesky as ever!


Went to see Intersteller - cut cut cut )

Am enjoying my X-File rewatch. I'm wondering if I want to try to read some MSR? Maybe? It was actually the very first fan fiction I read year and years ago, but I never read very extensively for the pairing or the fandom. Are their still recs somewhere from way back? I have no idea what the popular stories even were.
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Everyone, I got a stunning little story for the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts fest which you should all read right now. I mean it! The Midnight Clear.

Feeling slightly guilty since I had to default but yay for great HL stories!
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And I think I missed [profile] melina123's b-day, too, and I think [personal profile] taselby's is in a couple of days, so Happy Birthday all around!! I'm bad with dates and remembering, so I'm grateful when I do remember.

Special smooches to killabeez for holding my hand while I had a hlh_shortcut meltdown. xoxo


Another quick announcement to say that I had to default this year on [community profile] hlh_shortcuts. :( I was pretty torn up about this since I haven't missed a year yet, but I have professional commitments that are taking precedence this year. sigh. BUT I am still looking forward to reading everyone else's stories! yay!


I didn't want to mix sadness with a happy post about b-days, but I just want to say I am immensely upset and saddened over the loss of Paul Walker. I adored him. As so many of us are, I'm heartbroken. I love the stories that are coming forward about what a fantastic person he was, but I wish I could have learned that without this tragedy.
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It comes to my attention that for those of us in fandom, January 1st is so much more than just the first day of the new year. *g*


I did not play in the Yuletide pond this year. When signups where happening, things were looking to be extra-complicated with my family, but then it all calmed down. By then the deadline had passed. Oh well!

But I did write for the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts fest. Whee!

As a gift, I received a wonderful story written by [personal profile] pat_t -- Love and Beyond. I loved this story, that truly shows the strength of friendship between Duncan and Methos.

For my story, I wrote

About Today
Highlander, D/M (ish)
about 3700 words
all audiences

for [personal profile] tryfanstone!

at hlh_shortcuts comm | on AO3 | on HL Archive

more on story )
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I'm not dead! whee!

Like really good peanut butter, things are nutty over here. But, you know, one day at a time, and all that. quick family update )

Hey! I'm going to compete in my very first jump show this weekend! Long stirrup, which is just x-rails but still. I'm excited, and hope very much that I at least don't take a tumble. hah.


Audio books I have listened to this month:

The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne (what? I never actually read it)
Tiger Eyes, Judy Blume (if I had been a little quicker on the draw, I would have nominated this for Yuletide. My favorite Blume book)
The Glass House and Half-Broke Horses, Jeannette Walls
Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea, Chelsea Lately
The Great Gatsby (what? I never read this one, either.)
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins (I don't like the reader, which is too bad)

I tried to listen to Gerald's Game by Steven King, but I couldn't finish it.

There might have been one or two others that I'm forgetting.


I signed up for [community profile] hlh_shortcuts and I'm very excited about it! Of course I have no idea what I'm going to write, but why should this year be any different from any other year?? I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for Yuletide. I want to, but I feel that may be pushing it.


I recently inhaled all of Breaking Bad. It was good, and kind of horrible at the same time. What amused me the most, though, is how I can still see the dad from Malcolm in the Middle in Walter White. haha.


I haven't gotten around to watching the recent episodes of Doctor Who yet. ack! And I'm waiting patiently to have all of Downton Abbey series 3 before embarking on that. I did start watching Ugly Betty, which I never got around to when it was on the air, and it's just the right kind of fluff. I like it.

I'm still rolling around in Star Trek: Voyager love. It makes me stupid happy. I love even the crappy episodes! I'm almost done, though. Sad.


Um, so does anyone have really good Avengers recommendations?? I'm curious.... What are the popular pairings?
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Yay, the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts reveal went up yesterday. :D Go and check it out.

This is what I wrote:

Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
Duncan/Methos, the Four Horsemen
Adult, ~7,500 words
written for [personal profile] amand_r in the 2011 Highlander Holiday Shortcuts Festival.

Summary: "I leave you alone for ten minutes and find you directing troops into battle," said MacLeod. "Well," said Methos, "I came out here to find out what all the fuss was about, and, you know." Methos finished with a shrug and a wave of his hand, as if to say this sort of thing was a natural hazard of his day-to-day life.

Great big thank yous to [personal profile] killabeez for hand holding and betaing, and also to [personal profile] unovis for reading and betaing.

Link to story at hlh_shortcuts comm.
Link to story on AO3.
Link to story on HL Archive.

Because I like to talk about the writing process and stuff, below the cut is some navel gazing and whatnot. Click at your own risk. haha. )
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Good morning, friends. Today, I have to go back to work. :( It's been a lovely break. Although being stuck at my parents for 3 days, while nice being with them, I was seriously bouncing off the walls by the end. I guess I'm not used to quite that level of inactivity, because doing nothing (physical) for 3 days by the third day my entire body hurt. lol.

I resorted to running around the house and up and down stairs.


I did manage to finally (finally!!!!) upload all of my stories (as far as I know, I don't think I missed any) onto the AO3 archive. So, now, this has replaced my website. It's nice having them all in one place again. For the last few years they've been scattered among several different archives or LJ.

phew! That was hard work. I even backdated them all to when they were posted (or near to for a few that I have no idea haha). I had to go on to trekiverse.us to find some of my original ASCEM posts for the star trek stories! It was a bit like excavating or an archeological dig or something. hee.


Highlander Holiday Shortcuts reveal is today!! Get your last minute guesses in. :)

There have been some truly remarkable stories this year, not least of which is the story I received this year, a bittersweet story that reminded me strongly of old school D/M. Trefoil. It's D/M, M/A and it's lovely.

I'm so immensely proud of us, as a group. We done good.


We had a horse colic very badly Monday morning at the barn, and she had to be humanely euthanized. She was bleeding internally and any operation had little chance of working. Apparently she was in too much pain so they put her down. I wasn't there and only got word when I finally crossed the border midday on Monday. Her name was Delilah, although I usually thought of her as Louisiana, which is her state name (we give our horses state names; it makes it easier). She was a gray mare, and she puts me in mind of the horse in this story written for the hlh_shortcuts about Methos and his gray mare :D :D, both terrifying all the world. . She was really great mare, very willing over fences and dependable. You could put kids on her or adults. But, by God don't put her near another horse or she'd eat them up alive. She had to be a no tie horse (meaning you had to tack her up in her stall) because she would *literally* climb over the x-ties to attack another horse 2 cross ties over. Not kidding. And in lessons she had been known to cut across the arena and bite and kick other horses. It got pretty bad for a while there until we all had standing orders to keep her away and she chilled after a while.

She was the last horse I rode before the christmas break, and I was supposed to ride her yesterday.

I loved that horse. I'll miss her.


OMG there is so much TV to watch! I have yet to finish the most recent Doctor Who series and now there's a christmas special. And also I have yet to start series 2 of Downton Abbey and now there's a christmas special for that, too.

And what am I doing?? I'm rewatching Highlander. LOL. WELL WHAT DO YOU EXPECT AFTER HLH_SHORTCUTS?!?!


I've only dipped my toe into yuletide. Every year I intend to read the whole archive and every year I don't get very far. Although I did read a lovely Breakfast Club story.


Crap, I better get dressed and face the day.
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Firstly, don't forget to go to the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts Exchange and check out all the wonderful new Highlander stories coming through each day! A MUST. DO IT!


Went to see the new Sherlock Sherrly Holmes film yesterday. Loved it like PIE. Seriously. I believe I loved it more than the first one, which I liked quite a bit but never got giddy over . Not sure giddiness and any incarnation of Sherlock Holmes is likely. Very fond I am of Sherlock in general but have never been uber passionate about it. Anyhoo, this second film was FUN. And I loved it like PIE.

Sherlock and Mycroft's parents must have had their hands full )


Dec. 16th, 2011 11:10 pm
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Yay, it's [community profile] hlh_shortcuts time again! The most glorious time of the year! It only comes once a year, but always worth the wait. If you're a fan of Highlander: The Series, don't miss these stories! Two days of posting have happened, with several more days to go, so be sure to come back each day and read until the reveal. And if you do read, be sure to comment and then try and guess which one I wrote. :D :D
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The Highlander Holiday Shortcuts reveal was yesterday! Every year since it started, the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts fest has been a real highlight of the holiday season for me, and this year was no exception.

As a gift, the wonderful [personal profile] merriman wrote a HL/Ocean's 11 crossover story entitled Fencing for me! Do you have any idea how long I have wanted a HL/Ocean's 11 crossover???? Well, you can safely assume it's been since two seconds after watching Ocean's 11 the first time. hah.

And so now I can talk a little bit about my story that I wrote for the ever generous and amazing [personal profile] unovis.

Domaine du Meilleur Bien-Aimé
for Unovis
Duncan/Methos, various OCs

No doubt Methos took great delight in making MacLeod tramp all over eastern France with nothing more than a rambling note and the vague directions given by a barefoot child, but there could be no question that in the end MacLeod would find him.

It'll be up at the HL Archive in uno momento. And done.

But, first, let's talk about DONKEYS )

Honestly, I had no idea where the donkeys came from. I had not set out to write donkeys. NO REALLY. But Lucy knew better. Clearly. Perhaps the blame falls to Mrs Augusta Elton:

"I wish we had a donkey. The thing would be for us all to come on donkeys, Jane, Miss Bates, and me and my caro sposo walking by. I really must talk to him about purchasing a donkey. In a country life I conceive it to be a sort of necessary; for, let a woman have ever so many resources, it is not possible for her to be always shut up at home;and very long walks, you knowin summer there is dust, and in winter there is dirt."

"You will not find either, between Donwell and Highbury. Donwell Lane is never dusty, and now it is perfectly dry. Come on a donkey, however, if you prefer it. You can borrow Mrs. Cole's. I would wish every thing to be as much to your taste as possible."
-- Emma, Jane Austen.


Yay the Yuletide Archive is LIVE!

This year I received another lovely Ozma/Dorothy story. The Royal Wedding of Oz, which is delightful and sweet and everything I could want, except that I want MORE. lol. But I always want more Oz, and more Ozma and Dorothy. I am like the Hungry Tiger in that way.

And that's all of Yuletide that I've read so far. There is so much to read! *big eyes*


I'm in Mexico right now, with my parents at their house, under a pile of blankets because central heating is apparently too modern an invention. But their house is large and freshly painted, so that's good. And has internet, which is really the important thing. :D The town is, well, a town, and in this part of Mexico (Baja California) everything is rather 3rd world meets Walmart and Costco, but yesterday we drove out into the country side a little bit and it's truly beautiful and stunning out here, once you get away from the towns. The drive down from LA is lovely, too, with the ocean right there. I love the ocean.

Last night my mom and I visited some of her neighbors who, um, party. LOL. They had a Karaoke machine and were singing, loudly, ranchero songs. Honestly it was like being at the barn because the grooms all play ranchero music ALL THE TIME. But they were so nice! My parents have really nice, friendly, generous neighbors. The kids won't stop playing with fireworks, though, and that's kind of annoying. It's going to be LOUD on New Years and I'm so glad I'm going to miss it. lol.
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Well, it's the day I've been waiting for, in any case -- the day the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts goes live!!

Coincidentally, this is also the day in which I turned in my [profile] hlh_shortcut story, because that's just how I roll, as they kids say these days.

Guess which one is mine! I'll give you a hint -- it's the one with the big neon sign over it blinking 'hafital wrote this'. hah.

Methos says hi.

(uh, and yeah, that [community profile] yuletide thing... right. I'll get right on that. switching gears.)
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Hullo good friends, I am alive, and things are good, mostly even better than good, and some things doing the best that they can.

It was rather an agonizingly impossible feat, but my parents have officially moved and are now ensconced in their new home in Ensenada, Mexico, mostly intact, although as of last night the truck with their stuff hadn't arrived yet. So, hopefully that resolves today....

My week helping my parents pack can be summed up thusly: they don't throw anything away, and if you say, 'hey, you know, this [whatever] has been in the back of a [cupboard/closet] for years and you have [never used it/forgotten it existed/have done without it for YEARS] maybe you can [throw it away/give it away]?' you are met with either shock at the thought or an aggrieved sort of complaint about how it might be needed or it's still good or it'll keep or what have you.

The amount of expired food I threw away... let us not speak of it.

But, what I had to remind myself (constantly) is that of course this was rather a difficult thing for my parents, change always is, and at this stage in their lives, having to uproot and go somewhere unfamiliar, even with all the advantages that might or might not be there, was quite traumatic in its way, and they are not young, and not entirely well.

And now they're just far enough away that I will not really be able to help them much, which in some ways is a relief, and in other ways is a little frightening. I really do hope this is over all a positive change for them.

So, that's done, then.


In other news, I'm busy as a bee. I placed 3rd in my class (training test 2) in the Dressage schooling show that my riding school had about a week ago, which is cool. And me and two other girls did a very silly Western riding exhibition, and that was fun, even if my pony spooks at loud music... haha.

Also, I may have ridden bareback on my friend's horse with another girl, tandem like (the two of us both on his back). There is a picture somewhere that I hope to get. At least I wore a helmet?

Also, somehow I've been designated as the go to girl/crash test dummy for kid horses that are acting out. How this happen?


My roommate is leaving me AGAIN. And hopefully (really) for good this time because she's on the verge of getting engaged and I wish her all my love and all the best, etc.

I'm dreaming of affording my apt. by myself, but if that were the case I need more income. So, I need to get on that...

Or I could a) get another roommate, b) move to a one bedroom, which I can more or less afford on my current salary. CHOICES. OPTIONS.


I finished the audio book for Emma and then went on to Mansfield Park (LOVE. Although Edmund remains a boob. I love Mary Crawford!) And now I have Pride & Prejudice (read by Lindsey Duncan!!! I luff her! I totally have a girl crush on her big time), although I haven't really listened to it yet. There was a problem with the disks playing in my car so I'm ripping them for my iPod. I would rather have saved P&P for last, actually, and may do so anyway. Can't wait to listen to Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

I have to admit that S&S is my least favorite of the JA books, although it's one of my favorite movies. hm.


I finished the first 3 seasons of Burn Notice. The 4th is not out on DVD yet. So, meanwhile, I've moved on to The Wire, because everyone says it's the best TV show ever, and so naturally I must investigate.


It's time for [community profile] hlh_shortcuts!!

I truly debated whether to participate (with this and yuletide) or not this year, mostly because I am MIA from practically everything and not at all fannish, and easily distracted with Real Life, such as it is. But the truth of the matter is I love to write, and I have fun every year. So, there you have it.


In the immortal words of Flight of the Conchords, "Come on sucker, lick my battery!"
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Yay! Authors have been revealed for the [livejournal.com profile] hlh_shortcuts and so now I can jump up and down and point people to my story.

This was a first for me, for many reasons -- first crossover, first non-D/M (except for the wee little Duncan/May-Ling I wrote years ago)(although I kind of cheated because it's heavy on the Duncan & Methos friendship), first time writing Amanda for longer than a cameo. It was a lot of fun, and also difficult. *g*

The Manuscript
Highlander/Dresden Files
Methos, Amanda, Harry Dresden, Bob, Duncan MacLeod, OCs
Genish Pre-slash or Slashy Gen (Methos/Harry)
13200+ words

The Manuscript (link goes to community, posted in 2 parts, all parts linked). Or you can read it on the HL Archive here.

Anyone know of good Dresden Files communities for posting?

Quick notes for anyone interested: )


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