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- So a few coworkers and I went to a Patti Smith concert here in LA last night, which was more awesome than I can adequately state. Man, that woman is inspiringly amazing and a gift of incalculable awesomeness. I mean she's my my mom's age (a year older) and she's a grandma and has long grey hair and was out there pelting punk rock songs like only she can. I guess aged rock stars are no big thing really, but she's one of a kind!

- But the amusing part was when she went on for a few minutes about how she was dedicating a song to David Tennant because she was hoping he'd call her and how she'd been recently watching Doctor Who but he hadn't yet called her. HILARIOUS. I was like, "We've all been there, Patti, with the inconvenient David Tennant crush."

- From a distance, one of her on stage band members looked like BOB from Twin Peaks which reminded me that I had just recently finished rewatching Twin Peaks and I wanted to talk about it. I'd forgotten just how creepy and disturbing that show was! And just how wacked out a town Twin Peaks was. And how they constructed the character of Laura Palmer in absentia. But mostly I was thrown back to my teenaged In Love With Special Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne high school self. I spent a few days lamenting my lack of sweaters and skirts to wear and craving damn fine coffee and cherry pie and laughing over what Agent Cooper's hair does when he wakes up from a crazy dream to call his boyfriend Sherrif Truman.

- My log has something to say. I'll interpret for you. Why in heavens would anyone ever go into the woods surrounding Twin Peaks?? At one point, Major Briggs is like "I'm going to go for a walk in the woods to clear my head," and then is kidnapped by Windom Earle, and this is after he was already abducted by forest aliens from his camping trip with Special Agent Dale Cooper. Also Agent Cooper is all like I love this place! I'm going to buy a place in the woods and live there! What? Albert Rosenfeld disapproves! THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM! These are not your Harry Potter owls.

-Too bad the second season went so far off the rails into where even owls fear to tread but not all of the second season was bad, if not least of which because it gave us David Duchovney's performance as Dennis/Denise, DEA agent in drag. I'm tempted to say it's my favorite thing he's ever done, even more than all 9 years of The X-Files. I actually finally finished my X-Files rewatch a month or so ago. My overwhelming love for Mulder and Scully is too great for me to pithily remark on here, but let's just say the MSR feels are still going strong.

- Which, leads me to today when I nearly choked on my own saliva as I noticed a banner at my local Barnes and Nobles informing me that David Duchovney will be there mid Feb for a reading and signing. Hah!
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I'd been putting off watching series 7, not for any good reason, mostly just too busy. Still completely, completely adore Eleven, but my general interest in the show has waned since Moffat came on board. *shrug*

The show is fun, though! I still love watching it, even if I'm much less involved. Sort of wish that I could manage posting about episodes as a I watch because when I wait till the end to post, and then don't get around to it for a couple of weeks, I always forget all the things I wanted to say. booooo. And then I'm like, oh jeez, who cares anyway?? But yet, I post, because I can.


And, that's all she wrote. Gah, who knew I had all that to say! lol.
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I told myself I had to post something to live(dw)journal today! So here I am, posting... something. hah.

For reasons that are not really important, I am in possession of my mother's X-Box. I borrowed it from her ages ago because I needed to play a video game for work. (I know, I'm fully aware of how odd both those sentences are! lol) In any case, I never gave it back to her, but for the most part it's just been sitting there doing nothing. For a while there I was using it as a DVD player because ours had died on us, but then we got another DVD player so we stopped using it for that, too. I'm not particularly fond of video games (by 'not fond' you may as well read 'actively hate' despite I have to occasionally play them for work), so it didn't get used. But then my then roommate's then fiance would use it to log on to his membership or whatever and stream Netflix films on it, and that was cool.

So, when I eventually got around to moving into my own place I canceled my cable subscription (something I have been wanting to do FOREVER) and now I just use my mother's X-Box to stream Netflix stuff. I can also get a huluplus account and watch a bunch of television shows that way but honestly there is more than enough to keep me occupied with just netflix.

For some reason, when I moved into my own apartment I stopped watching shows on my computer, whether on DVD or computer file. I don't know why but for the most part it is a change I feel is for the best. I used to watch TV shows in bed a lot on my computer. It was cosy. But then I moved and now live alone and that habit has seemed to go away and for the most part I do not miss it. It's lovely just reading and going to bed. And now I watch TV almost entirely from my couch. Yay! But then what happened was that all the shows I had on avi files were not getting watched because I just couldn't make myself watch on my computer anymore and I didn't have one of those fancy DVD players that could play avi files. So I did a bunch of research of how best to fix this 'problem' and went through various solutions until I realized that with my magic X-Box all I had to do was load up a thumb drive (or pop in a data dvd), stick it in, and voila. I won't bore you with the details of the various trials and errors of how I figured out I could do that, because I wanted to make it so much more complicated than it ever ever was.

Magic X-Box FTW!!!!

Thus I am now caught up on Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and almost done with Lost Girl but I'm savoring the second season slowly so I'm only midway through and loving it.

I thought of writing up posts about Doctor Who and Downton Abbey but both would pretty much boil down to LOVED IT LIKE PIE. Well, Downton Abbey I loved like pie. Doctor Who I loved like... I don't know... what's a messy sort of dessert - trifle? hahahah.

Gah, it's been so long since I made any sort of significant post to LJ I almost forgot how to cut tag...

Doctor Who )

Downton Abbey )
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Yay, new story. Written for the [profile] dw_femslash ficathon. :)

The Dating Lives of Aliens
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane Smith / Maria Jackson (older), non-explicit
+3,300 words

Summary: Laughing, Maria fell into Sarah Jane's arm. "It's good to see you! What are you doing here? Are you checking up on me?

Notes: for [profile] kwanboa in the 2011 DW Femslash Ficathon, who wanted FLUFF. Well, this is certainly silly, if nothing else. Thank you to [personal profile] dragonfly (on DW) for the last minute, super fast beta! Link takes you to the LJ community.

In retrospect, the perfectly manicured fingernails of mesmerising fuchsia should have been a sign, but, honestly, how was Maria to know? It's not like one should expect aliens to enroll in physics.
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I agree with most of this review of "A good man goes to war" from The Gaurdian, except for the criticism if Matt Smith, who I thought was brilliant.

Anyway, the article got me thinking about River Song and Read more... )
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I had a birthday yesterday )

And THEN, the BBC decided to give me a lovely Doctor Who episode for my birthday. I really appreciate it. It's the thought that counts.... lol.

The Doctor's Wife )



Lastly, Bogie and I doing dressage. Bogie is my friend's horse, and he normally goes western, so this was all sorts of exciting for both of us. LOL.
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Can you do the laugh? Check! Grab yourself a parrot. Welcome aboard! )


In other news, I want to talk about Lost, which I finally finished. And also I've now read listened to all of Robert Parker's western books that began with Appaloosa and I want to talk about that. And now I've started the Little House in the Prairie books on CD (read by Cherry Jones!!!!! She's wonderful!!!! Yes, I need all those exclamation points) and I find it DEEPLY amusing that the Little House in the Prairie books and Appaloosa are roughly set at the same time. As is Deadwood. And, actually, most of the LHitP books are set in the Dakota territory on the other side of what would be the state of South Dakota from the town of Deadwood. The events of Deadwood and the years Laura Ingalls spent in DeSmet were about 10 years apart? Something like that. A very different view of the west. One wonders which was more accurate. LOL.

Incidentally, for you Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole fans out there, the books are read by Titus Welliver and he's really good! I totally recommend them, and they're not lengthy books, 5 CDs at most per book, so it's really easy listening. (If the name isn't familiar, you'd know his face. He had a role in Deadwood and was The Man In Black in Lost (Part of what I want to talk about re: Lost).

Somewhere in the middle of all that I listened to S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, which, I never noticed before but then when I read it last I was 14, is written very much like a western.

Can you tell I'm having a bit of a YA books from my childhood renaissance? Annoyingly, it doesn't seem like the Oz Books are on CD. boo!

Also, can you tell I do a lot of driving?? lol


In other other news, today was TROTT USA's "Annual" Kentucky Derby fund raising event at the Santa Anita race track. And, I don't suppose anyone follows horse racing on my f-list, but the racing world had a bit of excitement today since a relative unknown and unexpected horse won the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Ninteen 3-year-olds! I love surprise upsets. haha. And I think TROTT made some money at our fundraiser, I'm hoping at least $10,000. We had a couple of "celebrities", but from what I could see it was really the racing fans that forked over most of the cash.

Doctor WHO!

May. 5th, 2011 08:10 pm
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This is me, actually posting! Wheee! I'm alive, and good, and busy, and stuff. Yeah.

So, first off, a quick comment(s) on the 2 part premiere episode for Series 6 of Doctor Who.

Oh yeah, that show with the flying blue box. )
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Finally managed to watch the Doctor Who christmas special. It was thoroughly charming! I mostly loved it.

A Christmas Carol: )
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Title: Windmill
Pairing: Lucy/Reinette
Rating: mild adult
Word count: ~2500
Warnings: Relating to Series 2 episode "The Girl in the Fireplace" and Series 3 finale episodes "The Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Time Lords."

Author's Notes: Written for [profile] joanne_c in the [profile] dw_femslash ficathon. Thank you so much to [personal profile] killabeezfor the beta. Always happily in her debt. Link goes to comm entry.

As a child, Lucy loved windmills.
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Day 21 - Favorite ship

I'm assuming by "ship", we mean any pairing? I never know what qualifies as a 'ship. Is it canonical, is it het pairings or slash pairings, is it any pairing at all, is it only a 'ship if it has a certain amount of fiction/fans? Can I, by virtue of having two people get it on in a story, thereby declare it a 'ship? This 'ship business is silly. lol.

This one's going to be without supporting evidence. The answer's fairly obvious, in any case. :) Why yes, my favorite 'ship is indeed Duncan/Methos. I could go on and on about why, but the main reason is simply that I like them a whole lot. One might even say that I adore them, and they're cute, and fun to write. And as a pairing (and a fandom), there's a lot to mine and explore.

And there are several runners up:

Chakotay/Paris (enemyslash? really?)
Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy (oh wait, that's not a TV show...)
The Doctor/Rose (yes yes, go ahead and make fun of me)
Jack Bauer/Tony Almeida
Vinnie Terranova/Roger Lococco
Elizabeth Swann/Captain Jack Sparrow (oh wait, that's not a TV show, either...)
Sydney Bristow/Michael Vaughn
Alex Drake/ Gene Hunt
Dorothy/Ozma (oh wait...)

And probably several others that I'm blanking on.
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This has been bothering me all day! In my previous post about favorite kisses, I forgot a very important kiss! And I couldn't edit to add at work, because we are not allowed to stream any video anymore (which is very close to agony, believe me) and I wanted to have the clip.

How could I forget my favorite Doctor Who kiss?? After this episode aired, I lost count of how many times I watched this entire scene over and over again. Without fail, it always made me laugh. Still does. DONNA ILU.

Phew! There. I feel much better now. haha.
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Day 14 - Favorite male character

Maurice Lalonde, from Highlander, naturally.

KIDDING. haha. I funny.

All right, all right, my favorite male character is non other than this guy. [personal profile] killabeez said all the reasons why in her post here. Anything I say will be redundant. He is Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. There can be only one! But there can also be a few runners-up. *g*

5 other male characters that I love, too )

Day 15 - Favorite female character

This one is harder for me as I love to gather female characters close and cherish them equally.

Awesome Female Characters are Awesome )
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I might as well do these two together, since they're related, and I'm behind as it is.

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving )

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you )
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1. Car fixed. Rental returned*. And boy does my car seem puny and plain jane after my fancy rental, but yay its back. And they made it all pretty and fixed the paint job on other parts of the car that wasn't involved in the car accident, which they totally didn't need to do. So yay. Total was less than they said originally - $2,228. I only pay $500, which will hopefully be reimbursed, yes.

b. I'm mostly all ready for my mustang trip. No cell phones, no computers**, CAMPING, temp at night gets down to 20 degrees, I don't think I'm going to bring my iPod either. The only modern convenience we'll have is our cameras. I think they set up some sort of shower for us. PRAY FOR ME. Thankfully, other people cook.

iii. I'm starting to think that the theories about Jacketed/Not Jacketed Doctor are correct. spoilers will open up cracks in time. )

quatro. I'm downloading Ashes to Ashes!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT. I'M DYING OVER HERE. But damn, I don't think I'm going to get to it before I leave on friday. *wibble* (see what I did there? get it? QUATTRO! hahah. all right, I amuse myself.) Come hell or high water, I'll watch 24 before I leave, though.

* Yeah, so I totally scraped the rental. And no, I didn't buy the rental company's coverage. Because I'm stoopid. But, in any case, I did some admittedly amateurish detailing, and then some artful decoration with dirt, and they didn't seem to notice. whatevs.

** Apparently, someone does bring a computer and some sort of projector, so we can project our pictures on some kind of makeshift screen when we camp at night, and some guy gives talks on mustangs. Should be interesting. *g*


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