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I had been composing a post, in my head, that I had entitled "complain complain complain" but it was full of me complaining and I got bored with it, and it never got out of the internal dialogue stage of post-making.

So, there's this post instead. Full of nonsense.

1. We are now four days out from CA: Civil War and I remain about 98% spoiler free! \o/ Basically I don't watch TV and only squint at tumblr. None of my real life friends cares one iota about the MCU. Although there was that one time I was at dinner with a bunch of friends and someone brought up the CW trailer and I was like GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM BYE.

2. 'Course I probably just jinxed myself.

3. Today at the car dealership, on some morning talk show, a couple of the MCU actors were there promoting the movie and I was like "oh no you don't" and had my headphones on in a jiffy. But I was momentarily struck by how weird it was to watch these particular actors being interviewed. And then I realized that I had gotten so used to seeing them only in gif format on tumblr, where that was more normal than regular video. OY.

4. One of the things I wanted to complain about was the dearth of Sam/Steve fiction out there. Why isn't there more? WHY? Feel free to rec me some Steve/Sam, although I feel like I've been pretty thorough in my searches. Preferably not also as part of Steve/Bucky or another pairing because of reasons. Not that I don't love them all, because I DO, I really do.

4.a. I admit I have picky tastes.

5. Also if anyone has any good recommendations for Steve/Thor? I tried checking out the pairing tag on AO3 but got dispirited at what seemed to be only cracky/gimicky type stories all wildly ooc, but maybe I missed something.

5.a Also, also, I've come to accept that I will always be out of step with fandom at large -- I only play in a fandom sandbox if I love canon and it seems to me that most everyone else plays in a fandom sandbox *despite* canon.

6. I rewatched all of Star Wars, from the prequels to Clone War to the original trilogy to TFA. And this is what I learned: a) Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite character, b) the Emperor has got some serious long con game skills yo. Like, the man has patience. c) having the force is more trouble than it's worth, d) Clone Wars is by far the better, more comprehensive part of the stories pre-original trilogy, e) JJ Abrams should not be trusted with science. not even with fantasy science. I know there's hand wavy explanation for why everyone in every system can see the starkiller destroy that one system but it's dumb. At least the trilogy kept to it's own logic, but TFA is kind of all over the place. f) but even with that, which honestly pulls me out of the story every time, TFA is a lot of fun if only for Rey and Finn. And sometimes Poe.

7. I've started writing a new book and... you guys, writing is hard.

8. I am deeply amused by the billboard around town for Neighbors 2 (and jeez, was there a Neighbors 1???) because it's like EXACTLY the same as the billboards all around town for CA Civil War. EXACTLY THE SAME. Honestly I'd almost prefer the plot of Neighbors 2.... haha. Okay not really. But kind of yeah.

Wow that was kind of complainy after all. :/
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Here is a list:

~ I have become addicted to Whole Foods's Mighty Omega 3 Trail Mix. It has almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, and dark bittersweet chocolate. Considering I also use almond butter instead of peanut butter because I avoid legumes, I have serious concerns that I may be eating too many almonds.

~ I started doing this ab work out to Uptown Funk once a day, give or take. Yes those are teeny little gymnasts. Do not compare yourself. I modify just about all of the exercises. I also sometimes choose this other gymnasts ab work out to Who Run The World. It's about 4 or 5 minutes, nice little workout.

~ Being the only responsible adult in my family is hard. My mother was in town last week -- during that week she managed to bust up her iPad, get a second traffic ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign at the same stop sign she'd already gotten a ticket at and by the same police officer, got another ticket for having expired tags which wasn't actually her fault (we had sent in all the paper work and all but the smog check was never transmitted and then I didn't realize we never got the new reg and sticker.) Then she got a parking ticket. It's like parenting a teenager.

~ I went to see Ex Machina. Read more... )

~ I also went to see Tomorrowland, which is only worth it for the totally retro Disneyland art direction, and all the Disneyland references. I know Disney keeps trying to recreate the success of the Pirates of the Carribbean films. Too bad they keep failing! It's not a horrible film, though, and the character of Athena is awesome and my favorite part.

~ And before all that I went to see Avengers Age of Ultron for a second viewing. I had this long post partially written about whatever it was I was thinking after seeing it a second time (which was basically: I liked it a lot more the second time but everything I didn't like before I still didn't like and everything I liked before I f'ing loved... or something) but then I was falling asleep while writing it so it sat there unfinished in my browser for over week. Anyway, here are my big brain thoughts: Read more... )

~ I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility that I may or may not be writing self-indulgent Cap-centric MCU fic.

~ Have I mentioned how much I loathe being in a live fandom? This is like my worst nightmare, I'm not kidding. I finally caved and used the blackout list or whatever for Tumblr to avoid Civil War spoilers. Speculation is not my friend. Go away, all of you.
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I just did something that was totally outside my comfort zone! eeeee. *flaps hands* *squirms a lot*

I have to keep reminding myself that if I can ride through a horse bucking and be okay afterwards, then I can do "scary" things with confidence. I can! I really really can. eeeeeeee. *hides immediately afterwards*


In other news, life is good but busy and I have fannish stuff to talk about but it's not going to be today because I have to go do my shift at the barn where I get SWEAT A LOT because summer has decided to grace us with its presence.


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