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Okay, I'm really going to try to be quick this time!

~ Sam lost his wingman Riley, shot out of the sky, "like he was up there just to watch," and then because he's quick and fast he avoided Vision's beam or whatever which hit Rhodey instead, and Rhodey falls from the sky, with both Tony and Sam unable to stop his quick descent. The parallels and layers, complications and emotions, and Tony's reaction to Sam's heartfelt apology, just ugh. When I watched that scene I was really only watching it for the moment, but the more I think about it and the more I read different reactions, that is really gut-wrenching.

~ I forgot how much I loved Steve's letter to Tony, at the end. They have such a complicated relationship. Kudos to both actors. As much as I would in theory like to go to a Steve/Tony place, the pairing is so fraught with fraught, and it also kind of falls into the slightly incestuous issue I have with Sharon, which I have to mentally get over. But they are given a lot of screen time in the MCU, this relationship, and it's certainly one of the cornerstones of what moves things along.

~ I love Steve's protectiveness of Wanda, and how their treatment of her was the prime example of what was wrong with the Accords and why he wouldn't sign. I thought I was on board with the Wanda/Vision thing, but after this movie, I'm not so sure. I really did not like Vision's careful handling of Wanda like that because it stinks of oppression under the cover of keeping her safe, well, which is exactly what it was. But it's really gross imo when it's done under the guise of an almost romantic relationship or the umbrella of a loving act. I'm willing to give it the benefit of doubt, and there was character growth and change with the Vision, for sure, within this movie, but it wasn't just him. It was how Ross and Tony reacted to her, as well. Also, I get that maybe her powers need more maturing to be controllable in the field, and maybe she's too dangerous in any situation where there's possible civilian casualties (and now I'm thinking she's also like Banner and Bucky), I can buy that, but it's not like she can't control them on a day to day basis. Going to the store should not be a problem.

~ I always forget how much of a self-imposed bubble I reside in in fandom until I step outside of my immediate circle of friends. On tumblr, I usually just stick to my dash, but I went looking for more sam wilson focused blogs to follow and just ran smack dab into a lot of commentary about inherent racism in the mcu fandom. :/ Also a great deal of character bashing on all fronts. Ah, character bashing, that old nemesis. I'm going to recoil back into my turtle home now.

~ I also forgot to mention how charmed I continue to be by Scott Lang. "What's up, Tic Tac?" haha. And his ogling of Steve. Also, giant Ant man, moving so slowly. Why do they always depict giants moving in slow mo like that? Does that follow physics? maybe it does, I don't know.

~ So I'm not sure we're supposed to read the ending that once Steve busts them all out of Azkaban prison, that they all go their separate ways? or go into hiding together? I'm pretty good with either scenario although I do not believe Steve and Sam would go their separate ways and I don't think Clint or Steve would leave Wanda on her own, but it seemed to me that it was heavily implied that Cap and Co. were going into hiding together, but maybe that's not really feasible. hm. Also, both Scott and Clint have families. Now I'm imagining everyone at Clint's house. I love that idea even if it's totally unreasonable and really not safe for them. I want Cassie to have play dates with Lila.
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