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My general jitteryness for 24 this season has driven me to the TWOP boards, and OMG, driven me right back out! It's like entering a mine field or a battle ground. One needs extreme head to toe durasteel skin, quick reflexes, and a defensive perimeter. I am enjoying the recaps, even if the TWOP brand of snarkiness sometimes makes me roll my eyes. On the other hand, I peeked at the FNL boards and recaps, and that seems to be all made of love, so, that's good! And shows how incredibly awesome FNL is. I hope the network execs are reading!


Anyhoo, that's not really what I'm here to say. What I'm here to say is, riffing on an icon I saw on some 24 community which had rotating pictures of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer, and text like, "all these men have the initials J.B. Coincidence?", it got me thinking. Which, it's not the prettiest icon (even considering the subject) but it IS very amusing, HOWEVER they left out one crucial J.B. -- Jack Bristow. He even has the same first name as Jack Bauer!

And THEN! Of course, I immediately went to the crossover place. I mean, first of all, James Bond plus any of the rest of the JBs in any sort of story together kinda makes me *extremely* happy, like I might wiggle myself out into space kind of happy, but all of them together is almost too much of a good thing.

Let us ponder for a moment the extreme awesomeness of James Bond and Jack Bristow together, or, um, James Bond and Jack Bauer. Or, God help me, Jack Bauer and Jack Bristow! OMG THE POSSIBILITIES! CTU/CIA/MI6! Jason Bourne and James Bond... Jason Bourne/Jack Bauer. *BRAIN GOES BOOM* ETA: omg, the the header would say JB/JB/JB/JB. *DIES*.

This is all kinds of cracktastic goodness. Now, I just need someone to write it for me. *bats eyelashes*


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