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For my b-day this year I took 2 days off work (friday and monday), took myself to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, mom and I are having brunch in a little bit and then going to go see the Circle (her choice) because it is also moms day, had a lovely pre-birthday trail ride on the best damn horse ever yesterday who is being retired to Kentucky this Wednesday and I'm trying not to cry about it, had a less successful b-day ride this morning on the bitchiest mare ever I thought I was gonna die no lie, spending the whole day monday with bestie S, and then barn girl dinner this coming Wednesday, which will be slightly bittersweet as the ponies retiring to KY are leaving that day.

pant pant pant


My very important thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy right here! )
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Last night I forgot to thank [personal profile] dswdiane for the lovely LJ gift and kinds words. Danko! It made me smile. :D
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To me and my birthday twin [personal profile] rosy5000! Hey Rosy, I hope you had a great day! So far, it's been a really *nice* birthday (and now I'm remembering Reverend Tilney's diatribe on the use of the word nice in Northanger Abbey. :D :D ), and by nice I mean just darn pleasant all around. I started celebrating last night having drinks with my barn girls after an invigorating riding lesson (english) wherein my horse (not my pony pal, but still a lovely tall lady named Bella) was so eager for the canter she was a little hard to control. whoops? lol. Seriously, I was trying to hold her back and we were practically cantering in place, silly lady.

Then, today I had a lazy morning before friend B picked me up and we had drinks by the ocean, then dinner with friends and fam., (Peruvian food. YUM.) and then cousin-of-mine and I watched an episode of Doctor Who. Tomorrow I have my horseback riding lesson then I'm settling in to finish my rewrite (almostdoneomg). And on Sunday a bunch of wonderful women and I are going to a spa! Okay, the spa thing was sort of independent of my birthday, but it's happening in my birthday week so I'm taking it as being for my birthday. haha. Frankly I'm kind of taking the entire month as my birthday at this point. May has been ridiculously busy but just kind of great all round so far, parental shenanigans notwithstanding (there was one trip to the emergency room, actually followed by a 2 day stay in the hospital that was mostly just for tests, and Dad was kind of freaked, but I was not stressing it. He was fine. It was mostly nerves.)

yay birthdays!
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Happy Birthday to one of my bestest pals! [livejournal.com profile] melina123, here's to you and the coming year. May the day be a good one, hon. *huggles*
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Happy Birthday to one of my bestest pals! [livejournal.com profile] melina123, here's to you and the coming year. May the day be a good one, hon. *huggles*


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